Advantages of Motto-e

This new phone is said to be all people phone, that is because of its low cost of around 6,999/- Rupees in the Indian money, and approximately 129 Dollars.Recently a new sibling has been offered to the the moto g and moto x family, yes it is true, it is none other than the moto e.

Its makers have analyzed the previous two version’s drawbacks and made this phone have a better quality in terms of Battery, a better battery life, and also this phone comes with a scratch resistant hard gorrila glass just as the previous two versions and they are also giving an assurance of software update when it is made available in the market, apart from that it also has a 5 Mp camera. It is a 3g but it does not have a front camera. Its internal storage is 4GB,

It is really worth the money. So if you are in the thought of buying a mobile phone with these features then this would be a good choice.

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  1. My son has also told me that it is a good mobile phone considering how inexpensive it is compared to other android phones. Sad thing was, it was not as popular in Singapore when I was looking for a new mobile phone.


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