Advantages of Apple iphone series-Apps Tips

iPhone 6 is believed to have many differences compared to the previous iphone series, one of which is a screen that is enlarged to 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels (326 ppi).

Every latest generation iPhone is usually launched in every September, but specifically for the Apple iPhone 6 will be launched early apparently. However, the design of the iphone does not seem to change much. Just seen that the iPhone 6 have different body curvature than the previous generation.

In terms of other specifications iPhone 6 is expected to use 64-bit processor Apple A8 with 2 GB RAM. While there are several other supporting features new applications.

It is uncertain as to what the front or rear face that would launch the iPhone 6, but there is something new, which is the location of the power switch button. Earlier when the power button is present at the top right of the new iPhone is now located on the side. And for iphone volume button 6 is made with the new design.

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