Advantage of saving your articles on Pen Drive or External Storing Drive

Are you saving your articles that you write and submit for different online sites, that you are getting paid?

Some people have got the habit of writing any post directly on the site while other write their article in MS Words, checked it and then submit it for publishing.

But have you ever thought that what you have written may be needed to you in future for any references?

We know we can find out what we have written by visiting the particular sites where we have submitted our articles.

But what if your internet is down and you need to check the same?

So for that you must make a point to save your articles on your computer. Many will think that saving in MS Words file may be not safe, as it may get corrupt if something went wrong with their computer.

Under such circumstances you can save your Articles on Pen drive or on external Storing drive also, which the best available alternative.

One can carry their pen drive or External Storing Drive wherever they go and can submit their article from any other computer or laptop.

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2 thoughts on “Advantage of saving your articles on Pen Drive or External Storing Drive”

  1. Thanks for that reminder. I was thinking of that, saving all my articles in a USB just to be safe.


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