A tip on freebies/sampling

First of all, Please take it easy on me because this is my first tip!


Hey, everyone!

I am sure that this is something that you too never thought was possible, but you can save hundreds of dollars a month by getting freebies and samples. Yes, you can really get things for free! I found out about this when my fiancé and I started having some problems. Anyway, it is not a hard thing to really do. The freebies are as simple as going to what ever search engine you enjoy using and typing in freebies. Now, be careful because you need to actually get on the website and look around before you start getting into it because some places are bad about having outdated stuff. But right off the bat I can tell you that you can always find shampoo, conditioner. and there is never an end to feminine products I get. If you look on www.youtube.com and type in freebies 2014, you will get to watch videos on so many things you can be getting and a lot of the people who get things are nice enough to share with you what sites you can get it from. Make sure you sign up for any tobacco product sites because they give out really great freebies! I have a friend who has been doing this with me for about a year now and she now has a whole shelf that she keeps that is full of free stuff. She even got a free full BOX, yes you saw that right, box of some chips. Once you get into freebies you will never see why you spent all the money you did on some of the simplest things out there.


Now, as for sampling, it is basically the same as freebies. The only difference between the two is the fact that samples are going to be smaller. But do not take that as meaning they are not worth the time, I am going to give you the biggest tip of all with sampling and freebies… take whatever you can get! Someone always needs something whether it is a child or parents, neighbors, relatives, or just some stranger you met on facebook. These things build up, even the small ones. I know a friend who will not have to buy laundry detergent for another 2-3 years because she samples/ freebie searchs. It is worth the time, especially in todays economy! Saving every little penny you can counts. I hope that these tips help and if you want some websites to get you started then just comment down below and I will send you the links! Take care everyone and have fun!


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3 thoughts on “A tip on freebies/sampling”

  1. Nice first tip! I never thought about freebies hunting before actually… I think I’ll give this a shot… who doesn’t love free stuff after all? 😉

  2. What a coincidence! I was just checking a few sites that offer free samples just before reading this post. Great tip! 🙂


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