A Quick And Easy Google SEO Guide

Google remains the top search engine in the business, and any website that wishes to get a good ranking in its results pages will have to conform to Google’s criteria. The good news is that it is easy enough to get the favorable attention of Google, although you will have to keep some important things in mind.

Meta data is one of the most important aspects of getting a high Google ranking, although you will have to utilize it in a way that you may not have expected. You can basically just often the Meta keywords field as Google will not consider this a factor in determining site ranking. This is especially useful for small business websites, in which ranking for relatively few search terms is necessary. That being said, you do have to spend some time making sure that the Meta description of each page is complete. Although the Meta description isn’t used as a ranking criterion either, it does have the benefit of being useful as a call to action when it shows up in Google’s results pages. For best results, you will want to make the description as compelling as you can manage.

Creating a Webmaster Tools account is another important aspect of getting a favorable Google ranking, as this allows you to verify ownership of a particular site. This can be done easily enough, and involves only copying and pasting the Meta description which Google provides in your Webmaster Tools account to the home page header of your website. After you have verified ownership of your site, you can then set up email forwarding, which allows you to receive alerts from Google in your computer or mobile device. This will help clue you in on any problems related to your site, such as unauthorized access or crawling related concerns.

You should always perform a domain check on any domain that you intend to purchase. Failing that, it would be a good idea to check the history of that particular URL. This will allow you to determine what the domain was used for previous to your purchase. This is particularly important of the URL in question has been used for spamming purposes and has since been blacklisted by Google. While it may be distressing to find out that the domain you have just purchased has been penalized by Google, this will allow you to submit the domain to Google for reconsideration, essentially clearing up the site’s “bad name” and giving you the opportunity to start fresh.

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