A Brief History Of The World’s Most Famous Libraries

A Brief History Of The World's Most Famous Libraries

Libraries have been an integral part of the community for centuries. This insightful infographic showcases some of the world’s most famous libraries.

The Library of Congress in Washington is one of the oldest in the US and also the largest library in the world. Built in 1800, the library is now used as the research arm of Congress and it also houses the US Copyright Office. Philadelphia is home to one of the longest-running libraries in America. Established in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin, The Library Company of Philadelphia boasts a collection of 2,100 items that belonged to Franklin himself. 

The British Library is not the oldest in this infographic, but it is incredibly impressive, due to the diversity of artifacts it houses. The library is said to contain the equivalent of 389 miles of shelves. 

Perhaps the most iconic library in terms of its history is the Royal Library of King Ashurbanipal, which was founded in the 7th Century BC in Nineveh. It is believed that the library contained around 30,000 artifacts. When Nineveh was destroyed, the library lay buried for over 2,000 years.

The world’s second-largest monastery library is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The Admont Library in Austria is renowned for its spectacular 230-foot baroque hall. Established in 1776, the library underwent renovation work between 2004 and 2008. Visitors are welcome, and today, the library also acts as a museum and a learning resource for students. 

This infographic showcases some of the most historic and impressive libraries in the world. If you’re keen to learn more, why not take a closer look?

Infographic Created By USC
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