8 Tips For Promoting Your Tips

Your Day2Day Tips are about quality information your readers need and want. Writing tips here means you are agreeing to put out the most accurate and unique information you can find or have personally experienced. Research what you are writing. Use trusted sources. Give credit where credit is due.

Treat each tip you publish as a gem. Publishing is the first introduction of your product. What else can you do?

1. Enhance your search words or terms (keywords) with clickable links to other relevant tips that you have written or others have written. Search engines look for links.

2. Create external links. Share your tip on your social media sites. Do the same with the relevant link tips you included in your tip.

3. Send a clickable link of your tip via email to your friends and family that support your online earning ventures. Ask for their honest feedback.

4. Develop a collection of relative tips on a subject or topic you are passionate about. Set up a blog or webpage where you write a unique fifty word description of each tip along with a clickable link to your published tip that opens in a new tab or window for reading without leaving your blog or webpage. This satisfies search engine requirements for unique material, links and tip promotion.

5. Find forums on your tip topic that allow you to post relevant URLs to answer questions and problems other forum members have presented. If you can’t, see if you are allowed to have a signature where you can include your Day2Day profile link URL or your most popular related tip URL.

6. Add your relevant tip URL to comment section of other websites and blogs that are on-topic. Make it part of a discussion comment, not a spam drop.

7. Write another unique article for submitting to article directories. Include your best tip URL link or your profile page URL in your author bio. The traffic created by pickup of your article is phenomenal.

8. Once you have published your tip, jumpstart the search engine listing process by submitting it using a free submission site. You don’t need more than ten search engines. Once Google, Bing, Yahoo pick it up, the others follow suit. Read the Terms carefully before using the submission software. Some require you link to them. Others share your personal submitted particulars to advertisers and telemarketers. You agree to this by using the software or agreeing to their terms. Don’t submit a tip more than once. Spamming the search engines gets you and the host site banned.

Quality stands the test of time. The promotional steps you take ensure traffic for the long haul. Traffic translates to earnings. Treat each tip as a unique business product. Research, develop, spell check and grammar check and promote.

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Irene Nevins

Irenen1 is a freelance writer. You may recognize her user name and avatar from several writing venues. Her expertise ranges from hospitality, healthcare, business through SEO, online marketing and gardening. She has a lifetime of experience to share with you.

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8 thoughts on “8 Tips For Promoting Your Tips”

  1. These are splendid ideas. The more we promote our tips the more people will see and visit it. Let’s just not spam as it will reflect back on us. this is where strong ties in social networks and communities come in. they can help spread the word about our D2D tips.

    • I hope I made it clear that spamming is not the way to go! There is a right way to do these things. Yes. If allowed, writing a review in another venue will not only increase traffic here, you can increase membership, too.

      • Hello @Irene Nevins
        This is a very timely tips! Thank you so much for sharing! You’ve stretched a lot of effective ways to drive traffic here. I personally recommended this tip to one of our motivators here my friend.

  2. Thanks for helping the community maximize their earning potentials through these tips. Our members should realize that sharing through social media has a huge impact on their earnings as well as providing links to relative posts that they have with their current posts.

    • Not just their own posts, linking with other D2D posts promotes the site as does including D2D links within posts on other venues where allowed.

  3. These are all excellent tips, written in an easy to follow way. I am just a writer with little knowledge of SEO and search engines etc so tips such as these are very helpful for me in order to maximize my earning potential.


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