8 Things You Should Never Do At Holiday Christmas Parties

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When it is Christmas time it is time for parties.  Holiday Christmas celebrations call for a lot of parties and there are just some things you should never do.  More than just ruining the meaning of Christmas for those who cherish it, it will spare you from surefire embarrassment.  So listen carefully and make this yuletide season a memorable one – preferably not because you made a fool of yourself.

1. Don’t wait under mistletoe to kiss all the gorgeous gals

One of the most famous traditions about Christmas is the kiss under the mistletoe.  But I must warn you, don’t go hanging them all around just to score a kiss or two.  Worse, please do not wait to ambush gorgeous girls walking underneath them. So play it cool and do be the guy that stalks people near them.  Remember, it is Christmas time and just be decent.

2. Don’t spike the eggnog

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What’s a party without a little kick from the alcohol, right?  Well, unless everyone knows that the eggnog is spiked, don’t try to add any liquor to it.  It can be a health hazard especially to those who have allergic reactions to alcohol.

3. Don’t get drunk in Christmas Parties

Booze seems to be a mainstay in many parties during the holiday Christmas celebrations.  If you attend a party that is open bar, it would be prudent to take it slow with the alcohol.  You don’t want to be throwing up in the middle of the place.  Worse, you don’t want to pass out right in the middle of the celebration.

4. Do Not Drink and Drive

I don’t think this needs further explanation.  Have a designated driver when going out.  It would be fair to rotate the duty so that all of you get to stay sober when going to different parties.  If you happened to drink and you don’t have a driver, just gets a cab going home.

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5. Don’t throw away fruitcake!

Christmas time is fruitcake time.  This seems to be more of a cliché than a tradition about Christmas.  Some like it others do not.  I am one of those who will jump for joy for getting some fruit cake.  I know that many find it annoying to get tons of it this yuletide season.  But, do not turn down the gesture.  If you really hate it, give them to me.

6. Don’t be rude to carolers

Yes, be kind to carolers even the crappy ones.  I live in a place where carolers do it not for the spirit of the yuletide festivities but for the extra cash they can get.  We sometimes prepare some snacks to carolers just a token of our appreciation for their efforts.

7. Never say Santa Is not real to Children

Have a heart! Don’t you dare say Santa Clause is not real to children!  The meaning for Christmas goes beyond giving gifts and a fat man going down the chimney – even if you live in a tropical country without the need for chimneys.  But, the magic of Christmas is in believing in these icons of Christmas.  If you don’t believe in Santa, just shut up and drink your eggnog.

8. It is never bad to share some Christmas Joy

Don’t be that green, bad guy that hates Christmas.  It is a time for cheers and to spread joy.  Be kind enough to share a smile or two when you go out.  You can make someone’s day just being kind to them.  This is a special season and everyone can pitch in to make it even more delightful.

Christmas time is a wonderful season.  Under all the glittering decorations and over-commercialized themes, it is still a season of sharing and of love.  The truth is not everyone believes in Christmas. But the real meaning of Christmas goes beyond religion, race, ethnicity age and whatever demographics you may think of.  Let’s just spread good vibes this yuletide season.

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