8 Important Emergency Items During A Storm

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Have you been trapped in a building or home for days because of a raging storm?  If yes, then you know the importance of having the right items with you all the time.  This will determine if you survive or become another statistic.

A typhoon is a devastating natural phenomenon.  We can’t stop it from happening nor can we change its course.  When it hits we have nothing else to do but prepare and endure it.  However, if you already know that your area will be hit by a storm, preparation is key.  Likewise, having the following items with you can ensure your safety during the height of the storm and even during its aftermath.

  1. First Aid Kit:  Every home should have one.  Your first aid kit is your only means to take care of injuries or medical needs.  In your kit make sure you have bandages, antiseptic, alcohol, plasters, medicines for common ailments, any medications that you or your family has to take e.g.  Asthma inhalers, insulin.  Moreover, make sure everyone knows where it is and keep it in a place where it is accessible.
  2. Clean water:  Clean drinking water is essential especially during emergency situations.  As a rule of thumb you should have at least 2 liters of water per person per day.  However, you should also consider stocking up water for other needs like cooking, taking a bath, cleaning utensils and others.  It is best stored in airtight containers so it will not be contaminated.
  3. Food:  Food is important so that you can maintain your energy throughout the storm.  However, during devastating typhoons, power may be out.  As such you need to stock up on food choices that will not spoil easily.  Also, opting for food that is easy to prepare is a wise move.  Canned goods, ready-to-eat food, biscuits and the like are ideal especially for disaster situations.  It is best to prepare food for at least 3 days.
  4. Whistle:  A whistle is an emergency staple.  It can be used to give your location with minimal effort.  Equipping each member of the household an emergency whistle is wise.
  5. Rope and other fastening materials:  It is also prudent to have some fastening equipment like ropes, duct tape and similar tools/equipment.  You’ll never know when you need to tie items together or make repairs
  6. Flashlight:  During really strong storms and typhoons, power outages are common.  This is why having a flashlight ready is important.  Plus, huddling in the dark with a flashlight can be a great way to pass the time.  Kids love this.
  7. Portable radio:  A portable radio can provide you with updated news about what is happening outside.  Likewise, it can provide you with some sort of entertainment while you’re stuck inside your house or building during a storm.
  8. Extra batteries:  If you have electronic devices it is just logical to have extra batteries.  You can be stuck for days so prepare for the long days without electricity.

During typhoon season, a good day can easily turn into something miserable.  This nature and we can’t do much about it.  The most we can do is prepare for the worse.  When a household is prepared for such instances, they can survive even the most harrowing experiences.  The human spirit can withstand the gravest of situations.  But with a little help from your emergency kit, you can ensure the safety and the wellbeing of everyone.

Here are other storm and emergency resources that might help you:

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20 thoughts on “8 Important Emergency Items During A Storm”

    • No matter how much preparations we make if people are just too stubborn to evacuate deaths are bound to happen. i do hope people learn from the past.

      • That is the weird thing about people–even if they have experienced bad from the past, they would still think that it won’t happen again to them. So those leaving by the sea or on low-lying areas would not leave their homes unless they can see the water inside their homes.

        • I understand the efforts of the disaster agencies and Red Cross. it is really hard to get people away from the high risk areas. but slowly they realize that they have to flee the danger zones.

    • If your loved ones are near high risk areas they have to take action even before the rainy season gets here. And it is almost here.

  1. I do always have those items at home, specially when we were still living in Metro Manila. Was afraid of the floods everywhere.

  2. The aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy really gave us the biggest lesson in our lives as Filipinos. If it did not happen and if there were no a lot of people who died from that typhoon, we will never learn, we will never be ready. However (taking a deep breath) have we really learned? while Yolanda proved that “not really” or maybe that was just really “disaster”.

    • That’s the questions – have we learned our lesson? i hope so. if not, it’s disaster and death again.

      • but you know I realized how “unique” the Philippines is as compared to other countries.. not being biased here. we are floating in water.

          • i just realized this when I am here already. People were asking why do we always have strong typhoon and storm, I always tell them because we have so many water around us. here they don’t experience much of it… that’s why it will be catastrophic when they will have typhoon or earthquake here. very rare.

          • The conditions and the environment are perfect for brewing huge storms here. On our west side is the pacific ocean and we are the first to get hit.

          • if you will choose another country to live, will you still choose Philippines?
            (considering that the family is also in the country you will choose)

          • I love it here in spite of the calamities. But I think New Zealand is a good place to live in.

          • I agree, I appreciated Philippines more when I went out there. however, if given a choice, maybe I would love to live in Norway, so very people.

          • Norway sounds great as well. As long as there is lots of unspoiled greenery, then I’m up for it.

          • Naaaaah they have a very few people so maybe I can be chosen as Miss Norway in the future lol

  3. I experienced this when I was in high school, I and my twin sister trapped in our school building we don’t have food and water with us and I thought that was our end. Luckily some of our friends rescued us after longer hours.


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