7 Ways To Love Your Heart

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Without your heart you will die.  As obvious as it is, some people need ot be constantly reminded.  The lack of cardiac care and basic sensibility in most lifestyles nowadays are contributing to the increase in death due to heart problems and complications.  It is without question that we have to give our heart some extra love.

1. Exercise for the love of your heart

The heart is a muscle.  As such, you need to exercise your heart in order for it to grow strong and healthy.  Cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, jogging and the like help create stronger cardiac muscles.  With a healthy heart, you can ensure proper distribution of blood throughout your body.  Likewise, with enough cardiac exercises, you can withstand many physical stresses that demand more pumping power from your heart.

The key here is starting at a level that is comfortable to you.  Next, you need to gradually increase your exercise so that it challenges your heart in a healthy way.  Lastly, it is important that you exercise regularly to maintain a fit and healthy heart.

2. Have a heart healthy diet

Food offers our bodies fuel.  However, not everything we eat is healthy.  This is why there are many diet programs and diet strategies that promise health and wellness.  Of course you may try one with the supervision of your doctor.  However, let’s keep things simpler.

A healthy heart diet includes food that contains good cholesterol.  Likewise, minimize foods that can clog your cardiovascular system – bad cholesterol.  Olive oil is one great example of good oil that can help your heart.  Omega 3 and omega 6 are also all over the news and are used by fish companies to lure your into buying them.  They are good for you but you don’t have to spend too much on marketing propaganda.  In addition, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals allow our body to become healthy and fit.

3. Ditch the bad habits

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How do you spend your day?  Is it heart-friendly or are you turning your heart into a miserable organ? Some habits we have developed through the years can actually work against having a healthy lifestyle.  Smoking is a good example of a habit forming activity that is not good for your heart.  Drinking excessive alcohol is also detrimental to you.  These habits require immediate action and you have to do it now.  To show your love your heart, ditch the bad habits and turn to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Regular checkups

It pays to get regular checkups.  Even though we try to live a healthy life, there are other factors that can contribute to a weak and unhealthy heart.  This is why regular checkups are necessary.  Assessing one’s heart can reveal risks.  If they are detected early, immediate interventions can be made.

A yearly checkup can help identify any problems early on.    Many health insurances offer annual exams so go avail this service.  It is wise to know early on rather than get caught unaware.

5. Rest for better health

Rest is important to stay healthy.  Our bodies can only do so much and anything beyond it can pull your health down.  Sleep, nap, or just lounging for a bit can help your body recuperate.  Just like any other muscle in our body, we grow stronger when we rest after we exert.  Moreover, resting allows our body to heal.

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6. Stress free is heart friendly

Stress affects us physically and emotionally.  And both can directly affect our heart.  Having a stress-free life is ideal.  However, reality does not allow for a truly stress-free life.  Instead, managing stress properly can be your best bet.  Moreover, being calm allows us a better perspective on the world around us.

  • Ask help whenever you need it
  • Talk about your stresses in life
  • Take the time to pamper yourself
  • Enjoy life’s little pleasures – the good ones

Managing stress in our life helps us achieve balance.  Apart from the emotional, psychological and physical gains, you can expect better relationships and interactions with other.l

7. Educate yourself

Every day there is something new to learn about health and wellness.  Little things like what to eat and how to manage our day to larger ones like pharmaceutical breakthroughs and other scientific discoveries help improve our quality of life.  When we take the information and apply it we continuously improve our lives.  There is a host of information out there.  All we need is to take it and apply it in our lives.

Loving your heart means loving yourself and the people around you.  A friend of mine stressed that we should take care of ourselves because we need to take care of others as well.  Heart friendly changes in our lives can help us achieve overall health and wellness.  But the most important step is for you to take the initial stride and continue your journey towards a healthy heart.

Love your heart.

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18 thoughts on “7 Ways To Love Your Heart”

  1. I just pray that I won’t get heart ailments when I grow old. I try to avoid what needs to be avoided, but well, it’s kinda hard sometimes to stay away from temptations! LOL

  2. i sometimes wonder, it is worth to live “unhealthy” but you enjoying the present life or live healthy depriving oneself for the future we are not sure of?

    • That is deep my friend. I suppose it all depends on what one values. Being present at the moment and just living life or having the foresight of the future.

      • true… sometimes I think, how long will I live in the future. maybe having no “family” is different than having one like you. I mean I am responsible to myself only… so sometimes I think.. why not live my life at the present to the fullest.

  3. My mom died because of heart failure and hypertension. I an worried about myself. I need to follow some of your advice, to have additional days of my life.

  4. Hi jpcme,
    There may be many more ways to love and care your heart. But what you have stated are the important one.

    • Hi there @raaman:disqus nice to see you again. that’s true, there are gazilion ways to show that we love our heart. What is important is we actually do the most important for us. Moreover, what is important to one may not be for another.

  5. You have wrote another Bible JP! Your tips are always
    especial and have something unique. I do exercise, but only for 5 to 10
    minutes. I’m a runner and I run 30 minutes every day in early morning so maybe
    I’m save. To be honest in terms of diet strategy or programs I’m’ quite simple
    and I eat whatever my mother cooks for us.

    Last but not perhaps the least, two
    years ago my father went from bypass operation and we all were surprise as why
    it happened because my father walks and exercise daily from his college life,
    almost 35 years. Let me tell you a truth, when my mom and I visit the doctor
    who operates my father were watching the CD of my father’s heart and he asked
    us whether your father used to do walking or exercise, I said yes. He replied
    that walking has saved your father from heart attack and have made his heart in
    good condition. Moral of the story is to walk, exercise, eat good but from
    home, don’t let stress to rules your mind, and finally be happy.

    • Hi there @Educateurself1:disqus thank you for the encouraging remarks. I do High intensity interval training and it only last around 5 to 10 minutes. It provides the needed exercise for the heart. It is good that you take the necessary precaution to protect your health and fitness. simple things like walking can make a huge difference. Live healthy my friend.

  6. I made almost the same topic weeks ago but one thing I don’t think I can ever do or have as being stress free :(very hard to do and keep.

        • I employ numerous strategies from just staring into nothing to exercise, planning my work. But one thing helps me lighten my burdens – writing.

  7. Thanks for sharing those nice tips, though many of us neglect such basic healthy habits like diet and exercise along with avoiding too much stress.

    • I think it is the demands of work, family, relationships, financial woes and the like that derails us from doing what is actually healthy. Sometimes we need someone to point this out for us – sometimes it requires some slapping on the face.

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