63 Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

Below are 63 ways to make a decent money online in 2019! Are you ready? I have created this list especially for newbies.

If you ever wonder if it’s true to make money online, then yes, it is definitely TRUE.

You can make a decent amount of money in the comfort of your living room. If you are tired with your job or if you find it not challenging anymore — then why not venture out online?

Perhaps, self-fullfillment can be achieved here — by doing the things you “really” love… and not just the things you are obliged to do…

I have compiled the list below, and after this list, you can you scroll down a bit and see my quick overview and examples why these make money online ideas coud be your financial hero this 2019…

  1. Build and rent your Facebook groups
  2. Build and sell Facebook page
  3. Join Forex trading
  4. Invest in Cryptocurrency
  5. Refer friends on Coins.ph
  6. Sell cellphone loan using Coins.ph
  7. Accept bills and pay using Coins.ph
  8. Build a niche blog and monetize
  9. Learn WordPress and become a WordPress developer
  10. Join Humanatic and review customer calls
  11. Become an expert and join zwerl.com
  12. Apply as a virtual assistant
  13. Review websites and apps
  14. Review books
  15. Get paid to complete small tasks
  16. Become a social media manager
  17. Join affiliate marketing
  18. Join Fiverr and sell any kind of service you are expert with
  19. Write and discuss on myLot
  20. Make money online by reviewing music
  21. Become an online seller on Facebook
  22. Buy and sell domain names
  23. Rent facebook accounts
  24. Become a professional photographer
  25. Become a ghostwriter
  26. Write essays for students at academia-research.com
  27. Lend money online via Facebook
  28. Do freelance work on upwork.com
  29. Make websites for clients
  30. Sell items on eBay
  31. Sell special crafts online
  32. Publish videos on youtube
  33. Build a membership site
  34. Do graphics
  35. Do voiceover
  36. Test websites
  37. Type or solve a CAPTCHA
  38. Sell products on Shopify
  39. Buy and sell on Facebook
  40. Rent your home (AirBnB)
  41. Teach online
  42. Write an ebook and sell it
  43. Proofread articles
  44. Write articles on iwriter.com
  45. Become an online travel consultant
  46. Become a travel blogger
  47. Become a food blogger
  48. Start a health website
  49. Online data entry
  50. Maintain artist fan page
  51. Breed dogs and sell online
  52. Become an online dating consultant
  53. Sell your songs
  54. Teach Piano online
  55. Creating a cooking website
  56. Buy and sell website
  57. Build and sell twitter profiles
  58. Create webinars
  59. Review loan sharks
  60. Create a Blogger template
  61. Create WordPress themes
  62. Join online surveys
  63. Search the web and make money

Build and rent Facebook groups

Do you know that you can build a Facebook group and rent it? For example, you can build a very engaged group about how to lose weight. Now that you have an idea — don’t waste your time on Facebook for nothing — start a Facebook group today.

Build and sell Facebook page

Same with the above idea… you can build a good following on your Facebook page and soon some companies will be willing to acquire it. Let’s use similar example above: you have a facebook page about losing weight. Do you know how many people are getting obese and are willing to do everything just to get back their fit body again?

Join Forex Trading

This is a quite tricky money making scheme, however, if you love to do some math — you’ll love Forex. You can start with a small investment. On the Forex market, one currency will be exchanged with another currency.

Make money with Cryptocurrency

Have you heard about Bitcoin? I think there are many Pinoy already who have invested on Crypto trading. Well, just like Forex, you need to be a math lover to enjoy this scheme. I have tried Crypto trading via Coins.ph — well, it is not just for me because I cannot afford to take some risk… but if you are a risk taker, you can try to exchange some of your money on the PH wallet to BTC…

Refer friends on Coins.ph

Any friends you have referred on Coins.ph who have successfully passed the selfie verification will entitle you with 50 Pesos, right? I know that there are thousands of people who are already using Coins, but imagine how many Filipinos are who are active online with smartphones and the likes?

Sell Cellphone load using Coins.ph

If you have many followings on social media like Facebook, you can surely make money from Coins.ph referral… then you can use the money to sell cellphone load, right? Ahuh! So you can start a loading business without a capital… otherwise you can add funds on your wallet. Coins.ph will give you 10% rebit for every transaction.

Accept bills and pay using Coins.ph

Imagine the things you can do with Coins.ph? With it, you can turn your mobile phone into a payment center! I am sure that your friends and neighbors will love this… do you know how busy they are — and now they can just knock at your doors to settle some bills! For every 5 unique bills per week, you get 100 Pesos… that’s a reward from Coins.ph. Now, aside from that, you can charge your customers some money as a convenient fee… see the idea??

Build niche website and monetize it with Adsense

I understand that some of you are skeptical about the idea of making money out of your blog. But this is not a false promise or a hype. You can definitely make money from your blog once you are approved with Adsense. Getting an Adsense-ready blog is not an overnight success — but having a niche blog could give you a chance to make some passive income.

What is a niche blog by the way? It is a blog that is focused on a topic. For example, if you are a weight loss instructor, then you can share your expertise via a blog.

How if you have no special skills at hand? Can you still create a blog and money money from it? Of course yes, just be resourceful and creative.

The best blog you can ever built is the blog out of your personal experiences! People love to read real-life experiences…

Learn WordPress and Become a WP developer

WordPress is a blogging platform by its core… however, WP has grown a lot and it is not just a mere blogging platform… it has overgrown into a powerful CMS. Now, more than 32% of the websites worldwide are using WordPress as its foundation — and these are not just people who are just starting and don’t want to pay a dime — these are people and businesses who are willing to pay for your work!

Learn WordPress and make real money in the comfort of your home!

Review Calls on Humanatic and make money online

Humanatic is 200% legit. Have you heard about it already? I have taught my wife about Humanatic and she loves it. You simply review calls and earn per correct tagged review.

I know… I know… You are probably thinking that listening to English slangs could be nosebleeding, LOL. Not really… of course, at your early stage, you might find it difficult — but Humanatic has training resources wherein you can master your listening skills!

If you don’t give up, you can surely make a decent amount of cash on Humanatic.

What’s good, you don’t even need a PC, you can use your smartphone in reviewing calls.

FYI: You need a verified PayPal account to join Humanatic.

Give your expert view on Zwerl.com

Zwerl is a new player, but this one is definitely a legit company. People will ask or request a chat and you will join and answer the best you can.

I have also tried Zwerl.com and I have an awesome experience. There is a learning curve at first — you can easily get in and learn!

Become a virtual assistant and earn Dollars

There are many virtual assistants who are earning Dollars here in the Philippines. Do you want to become a virtual assistant, as well?

As a VA, you will be providing your service to a company in a remote basis. You don’t have to leave your home.

Requirement: a good working PC and a decent internet connection… a pair of headsheet, etc…

A good starting point with your VA career is upwork.com.

Review websites and apps

Do you know that you can make money by reviewing sites and apps? Yes, you can! You see? There are lots of ideas to work on… all you have to do is think positive and get on the ride.

In this post, it talks about 14 websites that will pay you bucks to test out sites!

You also have the chance to earn $60 per test @ usertesting.com!

Review books and earn money by reading your favorite saga!

Have you ever wished to just read and read and make money? Wow! Wonderful idea right?

Do you know that reading will help you think outside the box? When you love to read — you’ll notice that you become more and more wiser…

When you also love to read — and you wish to make money blogging — you’ll notice that words will just flow out naturally…

Here, there are 20 sites that will surely pay you to review books!

Wrapping up

There is no reason that you can’t make some extra income online. There are more to this list…

Make use of the technology, let’s be thankful that we are now living in the digital world wherein we can transform our living room as an office… and work on a pajama… you can even work without it LOL…

Not sure how to start? Leave a comment below…

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