6 Writing Revenue Sites That You Should Never Join!

Source: Quinn Dombrowski Flickr.com
Source: Quinn Dombrowski

The internet has made it easier for people to communicate, share opinions and to work but when it comes to identifying the scam from the legit sites and so we should be always helping each other into spreading the word and the reviews to avoid getting other people to experience the same bad experiences and to get deceived, also to help others who are passionate about working online into finding the correct and the right methods and legit sites to start with.

This article will be talking about 6 writing revenue sharing websites that you should never write for and or join from the first place.

1- PostAnyArticle:

I’ve never personally joined this site before but I’ve read many negative reviews about it, there are a lot of writers who complaining about the moderators there and how they treat their writers and decide to ban you and or delete your articles all of a sudden and without any prior notice! How can writers trust writing for such a site that might delete articles all of a sudden and that’s not trusted to keep your content at?

2- Tecklr:

I’ve read many negative reviews about some writers who had massive number of views but are not getting well and enough compensated for it, there was a guy who had about 70 articles with more than 5000 views but he only made about .47 cents!! Such a waste f time and effort.

3- Wikinut:

This site is a really popular and active , it has very high ranks in Alexa rankings but its sad reality is that no matter how much views you get, you will never be able to collect even one dollar for the whole month! I’ve read many negative reviews about users and writers complaining about the earning potential there and the money received, there was a user who said he had more than 53000 views with earnings showing only CENTS!

4- Triond:

I’ve read many negative reviews about this site and I’ve also had my own personal experience with it, the earning potential can be high but the site isn’t that popular so if you want to write there, you should totally be promoting your articles everywhere or else you will not be getting views at all! Also, the site has serious technical issues, it runs so slow and it would takes minutes till you reach your preferred page! It’s a pain to write for this site!

5- Helium Network:

This site offers up-front payments and revenue sharing cuts from affiliate programs such as Google Adsense and some others, a lot of users and writers claimed that they’ve had a very bad experience on the site where their articles were deleted all of a sudden according to the site changing its TOS and that it has the complete rights to be deleting your articles if they don’t fit the proper categories and or their quality standards, there was a writer who got his account closed and deleted because of that although it wasn’t his fault that the moderators and the admins were always working on changing the names and the categories for articles.

6- InfoBarrel:

This site is a pain to write for! It’s super tiring and hard to tell and understand how you can write for it, its design is just so old-dated, TOS were never changed ever since the site first launched and started, many tools and things were modified but the moderators and the admins have never written any announcements about these and never updated their learning center. I have read some negative reviews about this site but I didn’t take them seriously until I joined and experienced the same issues myself!  Also, their quality standards are way way high and they expect you to place the commas and stuff related in their appropriate places, they would even reject your articles even if you had one or two very simple and little spelling mistakes or repetition of words like when you write a word twice without noticing it consecutively and simultaneously.

I’ve written only one full and in detailed article there then submitted it for approval and I had to wait about three full days until I got the answer about how admins found it only to find out that they have rejected it according to some spelling mistakes and or inappropriate English! Like seriously? After all the pain I had to undergo while writing that article – trying to find out how to upload and move photos, how to publish and things related took me about 3 to 4 hours – I had it rejected! Super! I eventually deleted my article from there and posted it on a site  called Hubpages – a site known for its popularity, creative writers and high quality standards- and voila! I got it directly approved and featured  within few hours or so and it even took a high score from the site editors.

This can show you how immature the InfoBarrel‘s admins and editors are for making their users experience such bad experiences and eventually lose them for good! The site is just getting controlled by amateurs.

There you have it! 6 writing revenue sites to never join and write for! If you ever join these then it would be up to you and under your own risk so deal with it!

Spread the word and let everyone else from your passionate writer friends to never join these sites and avoid them from getting bad experiences, getting their efforts lost and waste time!

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I hope you found all the useful information that you needed to know about these sites in this article!

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49 thoughts on “6 Writing Revenue Sites That You Should Never Join!”

  1. Thanks for the tip. Out of the list, I only heard and know Tecklr. I am a member there but I’m not active.

    • I am sorry to hear that my friend, and I am excited to see you here sharing more tips! Anyway, we are working to solve all issues related to earnings!

  2. Hey @ranakm:disqus I personally like this post, and I am thankful that you did not include D2D in the list LOL. Anyway, I personally admit that we have some issues on the site too, but we are trying to fix and help writers the best we could. Life is not perfect, isn’t it, but rest assured we will do our best to keep our motivators like you! Thank you so much!

    • Aww thank youu!! How sweet from you 🙂 No I’m actually thankful that your site exists, I knew about it before but I was just scared or not ready to start with a new site because I had many bad experiences at other sites, but I was amazed how the admins here stay connected with the motivators and how you guys are dedicated into building this great community and the site in general! I also love how my earnings here are much more higher than in hubpages so I decided not to write for it as much as I’m gonna be writing over here! I love how concerned you guys are for your users and how you love to assure trust, friendship and love! Thank you so much! And I’ll be surely a member of this great big family for the long run 🙂 Yes, nothing can be perfect but everything can be fixed! When I have any suggestions for the site here too I’ll be glad to let you know about them! Have a great day just like you 🙂

  3. I am a member of Teckler got paid 3 times their minimum mostly pictures but then they stopped paying. I am on wikinut still write their occasionally not been paid yet because have not reached the minimum. Also on PAAgot paid a couple of times just now waiting for 2 months pay but have not written their again until I get paid. So I am sticking with my 3 sites for now

    • And we are thankful that you keep writing and sharing great tips with us @daisynufable:disqus we have issues, yes, but we are working to fix them. We are so happy to see you here until now!

  4. One important thing, if you want some help in setting up your article formats, please let me know… and please observe proper linking too, it will help you promote your previous articles on the site. Please observe how others writers link their articles on their tips – it will help you to increase your earnings in the long run.

  5. I am a member of PAA and wikinut. I’ve been devoting my time to wikinut but unfortunately, I never reach the minimum payout since I joined so I leave the site. PAA, I stop posting when D2D started last March 1, 2013. I forgot my log-in details there.

  6. ohhh… too bad. although I am a member of PAA i don’t find it bad. I received cents from them every month too. phew… too bad.

    why didn’t you include Bubblews?

    • Yes it is a legit site but if you notice, I was talking about the administration there and how bad they might treat their users……Cents? Shouldn’t be your goal if you’re a writer who writes very well articles..Move your articles!! 😀

    • Yes bubblews has selective payments, I didn’t include it because I’ve seen equal responses like 50% negative and 50% positive reviews so it’s to be shortly added or not, I’m also going to be referring it to my own personal experience as I am a member there but I’m not that active, we’ll see what will happen 🙂

  7. It is a trial and error thing as with anything. I have at one point written for just about every site you stated. I found out for myself that some of them were not worth my time.

  8. Adsense is the mainstay of higher revenue sharing sites. Without notice, Google has been known to pull accounts. It happened to Triond and PAA that I know of. Affiliate product ads can do even better if a site has the proper marketer.

  9. I’ve been a member of Triond for many years now. Only published poetry there though and maybe a few creative writing pieces. Only earned 25 cents. Feel I will never reach the 50 cents minimum needed to get paid.

    I’ve been a member of Wikinut for years now too. Only published 10 articles. In all this time my earnings (in pound sterling) once converted to USD are not even close to 50 cents. At this rate I will never earn the 5 pound sterling minimum. That’s why I have stopped posting there. Traffic seems to be fairly good to my articles but the pay is a joke. Not worth it to publish anything there. Of course gotta keep logging in to the site once in a while because if don’t log in for 365 days in a row than they will deduct earnings from my account for being inactive.

    • Oh what a sad reality :/ I think you should really move your articles into somewhere where you get compensated well enough for your hard work!

    • I’ve heard about that but I thought they just wanted to change the name of their site, as I’m reading topics and updates everyday about it – but oh well I don’t get surprised if it does close because it has a very bad reputation-

  10. Except Teckler I’ve a member for other five. Infobarrel requires it’s
    writers to write a well-organized article with tight grip on English grammar,
    I’ve published 6 articles after many times of rejection, the demand of the
    editors is very high, not happy. Postanyarticle is a legit website and they pay
    its users, even now when the admin is facing some financial issues, I’ve been
    paid :). I think I would be die, but will never reach the minimum threshold at
    Wikinut, slooooow earning.

    I have to say Day2Daytips is like a heaven for me and maybe for others as well,
    because you’ll never miss and if you’re active then just count the dollars…ha-ha…lolz,
    no I’m serious.

  11. Most of the sites you mention I have never hear of. Triond was one I tried and didn’t care for. Was a member of Helium several years back and never made a cent. I think there enough choices out there we can all find one that is right for us.

  12. I started out on Triond and deleted all my articles after a few months. I do still have an account there but never earned much. The others, apart from Infobarrel, I’ve heard a lot of negativity around, especially about the pay.

    I didn’t have a positive experience on infobarrel but I’ve heard of others who have. I just find that none of my articles except one is ever viewed–and I just can’t accept that that’s true. There must be something that Infobarrel is/isn’t doing to cause that problem.

    • Triond only shares 50% so there’s no surprise of their low earnings.
      Infobarrel is not that famous, I’ve never found an article that belongs to this site on the front 3 pages in Google search before so I think it’s worthless and useless writing for this site.

      • 50% isn’t so bad to cause low earnings. Google doesn’t like Triond because of all the rubbish it spouts out online, so its ranked low. I’ve seen stuff from InfoBarrel pop up on Google searches. Not as much as HubPages and Wizzley though. I have one article that is going crazy but I have no idea why or how to mimic it. It’s the only reason I’m keeping my articles there rather than ask for everything to be deleted and to get rid of my account.

  13. I have been a member of bubblews for about 9 months and had a good experience. But recently payments have been inconsistent and unreliable. The communication with members is very poor.


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