6 Unique Ways To Make Your Water Unforgettable

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Do note that when I use the word unforgettable it does not always mean a good thing.  And the word Unique, well, you’ll be the judge.

Since I limited my coffee intake due to my acid reflux, I had to find ways to satisfy my craving for drinking.  Of course alcohol in the office is huge fail.  As such, I have to find other ways to make the ordinary mineral water more interesting to my palette.  This exploration led me to interesting, some weird; other outrageous and totally despicable ways to make the ordinary into something special.

A word of caution though – not everything is for the faint of heart.  Also, you may try them but do it at your own risk.

  • Lemon water:  this one is so simple and actually healthy.  I just slice some lemon and put it in the water.  I store it in the ref for a few minutes then I have a refreshing drink.  Apart from the citrus smell, it can give you fresh breathe if ever you forgot to brush your teeth after eating.
  • Mentos water:  not as healthy as the previous one but it is quite unique.  The minty fresh taste can really put a tingle in your mouth.  However, to make this more effective, limit the amount of water to half a glass.  Otherwise, it’s just plain water with a candy at the bottom.  You can experiment with other candies of course.  Also, don’t forget that you have that candy at the bottom to prevent choking.  Last time I checked, choking is bad for your health.
  • Squeeze some calamnsi:  This is an old time favorite but since I’m in the office I do not have the luxury of squeezing enough calamnsi.  Although I do not have enough calamnsi, the citrus flavor is still a welcomed touch.  Note:  I just took 2 pieces of camansi from the canteen near the office.  More would have been better but I don’t think they’d appreciate me getting too many to make calamnsi juice.
  • Papaya water:  This one is quite out of the ordinary.  We have some vendors outside who sell papaya.  I took a piece and mashed it and mixed it with water.  With eyes closed, I drank it.  You have to try it so you can experience my dismay.
  • Creamer water:  This one was out of a whim because everyone was having coffee.  But since I vowed not to drink coffee again (at least trying to), I took a spoon full of coffee creamer and added it to my water.  Not as bad as bad as the papaya water.
  • Ice tea (literally):  I froze tea in the ice cube tray and I used that to make my water cool.  And it was extraordinarily cool!  This one was a winner.  I froze peppermint tea so it was quite magnificent.

Call me adventurous or just plain crazy, but these experiments with making ordinary water more unique has led me to great discoveries.  Most of which is how not to fool around with the water you drink.  As long as you keep yourself hydrated you’ll be ok.  But why hydrate with water when you can turn it into something special?  I know, I sound like a commercial ad, but it does give me pleasure to try out new stuff.

If you like the Lemon Water idea, here’s more reason why you should make one:

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19 thoughts on “6 Unique Ways To Make Your Water Unforgettable”

    • Yes, I’m experimenting with different type of fruits. Some are great some are not really that appetizing. But it’s still healthier than sodas.

  1. Choking is bad for health…really? I wish I knew this before…LOL…Loved your tip and your sense of humour. I agree, sometimes it is difficult to drink plain water especially in summer. I add lemon and honey or sherbets that are widely used in our country. I like the sound of peppermint tea too.

  2. It is very nice to do such “experiments” to have some unique drinks. How’s that coffee creamer in water? ha ha ha!

    • That’s the great thing about it, we don’t have to worry about calories. Plus it becomes rich in vitamins and minerals.

  3. Dear crazy and weird mind friend. . Are you telling me, that if alcohol is OK in your office you will resort to that instead of coffee?

    • Of course I have to say no since some of my boss visit D2D. I have the right not to implicate myself in any wrong doing. ha ha.

          • yes .. refreshing and smells good.

            you can also use the water for steam rice or dessert. do you like me to write the tips on how to make it. I just learned it here.

          • ahhh okies… really it is interesting.. and you know when the jasmin flower is mixed with the dessert you can actually taste and smell the jasmine flower. (no joke soooo damn serious here)

          • I can definitely use some right now. I still feel bad. Been sick for the past few days.

          • i hope you feel okay soon. No wonder you were quiet for days.

            maybe you just need plain water for now so there will be no problem when you will need a further physical check up.

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