5 Weird Things My Neighbors Do In Front Of Our Gate

I must say our neighbors are unique.  That’s an understatement of the year!  Suffice to say, I get surprised, irked and disgusted – but mostly irked at what they do in front of our house.  Our home is located in a not so exclusive part of the city and as expected, one should not expect the usual.  For several times now, informal settlers around our neighborhood have been relocated but to our amazement, many still riddle the streets in our area.  But this is not about the politics and social reforms the local government in effect – or the lack thereof.  Rather, these are the weird, bordering in insane stuff that our neighbors do that never ceases to amaze us.

The weird that happens

  1. Throwing garbage:    This is just below the belt.  But I do not think they have an idea that their behaviors are just inappropriate.  Why do I say this?  When we confronted them about it they were even the ones angry at us.
  2. Parked vehicles blocking our gate:  Vehicles called tricycles and pedicabs owned by neighbors are parked right in front of the gate.  What is irritating is that they have their own spaces in front of their homes.  As expected, when I asked them to remove their parked vehicles they even snapped at me as if our front gate is a public transportation terminal.  Oh, did I mention they even do repairs in front of our gate.
  3. Playing Bingo:  Bingo is a common social activity in many communities.  It is a time to relax and play with friends.  I have no problems with playing bingo except when a group of people put tables in front of our house and block the driveway.  That’s just insane.
  4. Playing pool: Some young adults in the community are quite ingenious.  They made a portable pool table although small is quite impressive.  What’s not impressive is when they set up their little pool session right in front of our home.  Apart from blocking the way, their unceasing noise and vulgarity as they play is just unacceptable.
  5. Pedicure and manicure:  This came as a shock last weekend when we came home from a trip to the zoo.  Right in front of the gate were women in chairs doing their nails.  This is just one of those days when weird things happen.

What to do

Of course these behaviors of the neighbors are unacceptable.  As such, we had to take actions so that it will not happen again.

  1. Talk to them in a civil manner
  2. Involve the community authorities – barangay officers
  3. Put up signs

Unfortunately, I expect that our neighbors have other weird stuff up their sleeves.  All we can do is hope that we don’t get hurt.

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39 thoughts on “5 Weird Things My Neighbors Do In Front Of Our Gate”

  1. what is with your gate that they found it amusing. You might have a very spacious front gate. covered with shades of trees or maybe airconditioned?

        • i found a solution to parking on the driveway. we were always victim of this. One day, I just posted a notice saying “this car is for sale, for 2,000 php only. inquire inside”. LOL. from then on, the Sales Representatives learned how to respect our driveway. so annoying that some people have no respect to space.

          • That’s funny. I think I’ll try this one. but i’m sure our neighbors will find something else to do to annoy us.

          • yes, maybe I am the most considerate person in the world.. and patience you can never really measure. (next to Mother Theresa) but when I am up to my neck… hahaha… they will see what they are looking for. LOL. (a threat)

            do you think that your neighbors are doing those intentionally?

      • We have complained to the officers but unfortunately the officers are among the people who do not care about what they are doing to other people’s property.

  2. We have no gate. But, I think our neighbors are aliens! We maybe need a gate? 🙂 Good luck with that mess and indeed it is a mess. You might be able to get a free manicure though, just a thought.

    • it is a huge mess. i can’t even imagine people doing these things. The manicure and pedicure was just out of this world.

    • Or “this front gate will self destruct if you don’t leave at once” but I bet they will try to linger on just to see if it will explode.

  3. maybe their place is too small or they believe in the saying :”what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine” LOL

    • We actually have 2 gates. There is an empty lot between the first gate and second gate. We had the outer gate installed since they used the vacant lot as a garbage area for the community. They still toss garbage into our property.

          • best option for now…its a total waste of time dealing with these kind of people,no matter how nice u try to talk to them,it’ll just fall on deaf ears,dont let them devour ur happiness everyday like what my neighbors did to me for 5 years,good for us we moved esp now with my medical condition,if we were still there,after i came out of the hospital,i wouldnt have survived my days with them around hehe

          • There’s more to life than dealing with these people. i try to make life better without them making it harder for me.

      • friendship wont work either,there are people who are really abusive no matter what,friends or enemies…good to read ur article now i know it wasnt only me who has experienced these,is it a consolation?hehe

        • I think bad neighbors exist everywhere. The difference is the degree at which they make our lives miserable.

  4. I have worst! Some drivers that eat at a nearby carinderia (eatery) would piss on our wall! One time, I got really furious that I told the man that his bathroom was so huge. He was startled, of course and was in a hurry to finish up.

  5. oh i truly feel for u jp,let me share with u these,i had neighbors who are not illiterate and yet acts worst than them,they claimed they were rich and yet the manners are terrible,both of them are lectors in their church and yet they are the worst and most abusive people ive known,they parked infront of both our small and big gate while their front spaces are empty,their dogs can roam around freely biting kids and people and of course they had a tent built on the road occupying half of it which is illegal,we complained to the the barangay and since brgy captain is his kumpare/close friend,their brgy tanods came to my house and wanted to bring my husband with them..now wheres justice right?if you ignore them they will abuse you,if you fight them only 2 things are expected to happen,you end up killing them or they end up killing you..what we did?we transferred..not because we were cowards but because i love my family and i wasnt sure until when i can supress my anger..i believe that God will do justice…my abusive neighbors should not fear my anger but they shall fear and prepare for the wrath of God at his time.

    • We are actually considering leaving the property. there are weekends that only my wife and daughter are home. i don’t think I’m ready to leave them with people like that.


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