5 Treatments To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Men, it happens – sometimes you can’t ‘get it up’ and that is okay. The problem is when you can’t get it up on a regular basis. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is a problem. It is called erectile dysfunction, and around 30 million men deal with it each year in America alone. Lots of men hate to admit the fact that they have a problem because it somehow makes them less of a man. However, you will never solve the issue if you don’t accept it as a fact. Once you come to the realization that you need help, you can try these remedies.


The most common way to beat ED is to use Viagra. As you know, Viagra increases the blood flow to the penis, making your erection more intense and longer lasting. There is a reason this is the most popular ED treatment options on the market – it works. The majority of men that use the drug report that it improves their sex lives. What you need to look out for, though, are the side-effects. Men that use Viagra can suffer from headaches and nasal congestion.

Penile Injections

Some men can’t take Viagra or ‘sex pills’ because of existing conditions. For instance, you can’t take it if you have a heart condition. But, you can take penile injections because they are administered straight into the penis. Men that use this treatment report an eighty-five percent success rate, as well as some side-effects. Obviously, this isn’t for you if you don’t like needles! Plus, you can also suffer from a burning sensation as well as priapism. Priapism is an erection that lasts longer than four hours and needs medical attention.

Penis Pump

For obvious reasons, there are men that don’t want to take medication to beat ED. After looking at some of the side-effects, can you blame them?! if you are one of these men, you need an alternative, like the penis pump. The pump, or the vacuum, sucks the air out of the cylinder device and forces the blood to flow to the penis. Although the success rate is lower than with medication, it is still pretty high at seventy-five percent. What you need to watch out for is bruising and soreness, as well as a thirty-minute deadline.

Image source: wikimedia
Image source: wikimedia

Organic Treatments

With regards to side-effects, organic treatments are the best because there aren’t any side-effects. Changing your diet or quitting smoking isn’t going to affect your body negatively. The one thing that it can’t compete with is the success rate – only fifty percent report success. And, it’s a long-term process. Doctors will tell you this is your best option, but you have to prepare for the long haul.

Image source: public-domain-image.com
Image source: public-domain-image.com

Surgical Implants

In basic terms, you can have implants inserted into the penis to increase the chances of an erection. Obviously, going under the knife is something you should take seriously because it is surgery. Plus, there is the chance that the implants might not work.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable – you just have to find the right treatment for your needs

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