5 Tips: Music Apps for Android

Did you buy your mobile phone because of phone calls and writing text messages only? Or you are more demanding mobile phone user? If you are not interested only in calls and messages, then this post is definitely for you. You will get some information about music applications for Android. And why you should have it in the memory of your phone? Because we simply need them for unobstructed, high-quality listening to music, creating playlists etc… .

There are many of apps which I could choose but I decided to show you these, because I think that they are really comfortable for users like me, and If I like something, then another guy might be happy because of it also.

PowerAmp Music Player 

+ one of the most famous music apps on Android
+ many settings such as an equalizer(++) or your clever battery saving tool
+ supports all types of music files


+long time on the market for PC users
+high-quality, reliable
– no that good comeback on Android, nothing new..

Meridian Media Player Revolute

+maybe the oldest music player for Android
+video files supported
+ pretty nice graphic


+ getting on popularity really fast


+for bass lovers
+ a PC version also
+ really positive reviews from users

One more hint for you:

If you want hear quality music you should buy quality headphones also. Applications are not everything what you should do for this kind of hobby.

Last one tip: (I promise)

Buying music is better than downloading it. That’s not true? Oh really? Yes you have to pay something, but you are paying for the quality actually. 😉

So keep this in you minds and have a nice day.

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13 thoughts on “5 Tips: Music Apps for Android”

  1. I am one of the mobile users that aside from calls and text I love my mobile having different kinds of music. And if you are always on the go having it in mobile is very convenient. I am glad I found this post to check it out for my android.

  2. Hello my new friend at Day2dayTips. This is a very informative article. I remember winamp for PC and was an avid user. They finally went into the mobile app industry. Well, that’s understandable. The mobile app industry is becoming a huge hit.

  3. It’s nice to know different music applications than can satisfy my needs. I am music addict so I need to explore different apps available online. Thank you for writing a very informative tips. The problem is I used both android and iphone. The one I always carry is my iphone but the application above seems not working. I can only used on my LG which mostly I left it on my bed.


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