5 Tips: How To Select The Best Mountain Bike For Your Adventure Holidays


Everything that is worth spending money on must serve its need. The best item is one that serves its need just as it is meant to. The same applies to mountain bikes. When you are getting a mountain bike, it should be one that meets its intention. There are a number of parameters that you need to assess to get the best mountain bike. Here are a few aspects that you must consider.

Know what you want: What is your riding style?

For mountain bikes, the intended use matters. The best mountain bike is based on the use that it will be put to. Know your riding style. You should know your experience and intention with the bike. Assess you mental status when it comes to riding mountain bikes and your physical condition. If you are a regular mountaineer, then you will probably go for an advance mountain bike with more functionality because you are physically and mentally mature to operate the machine. If you are still young at it, get the basic mountain bike.

Hard tail or full suspension

If you need an affordable bike that is for occasional trail use and one that can advance your riding skills, then the best mountain bike for you is one that has a hard tail. The bike can also be used for multiple purposes. If you want a bike that you will be using for the dirty trail, then the full suspension is what you should look for. The bike will be able to move faster and give you control at the same time even in difficult terrain but you will pay more.

Check the wheel size

You can get a 29-inch wheel size, which is the popular wheel size in the market. It was the only wheel size in the market during the earlier days but other sizes have come after the 29 inch wheel. If you are getting a 29-inch wheeler mountain bike, then you are getting a wheel size for many mountain bikes. You can select a 24-inch wheel bike. These bikes are smaller and suitable for kids. However, you can still use the bike for mountaineering expeditions.

The frame material

Most of the weight of the bike is collected in the frame of the bike. The best mountain bike is one that has a light frame that is strong and turgid. The frame also influences the strength and longevity of the bike. A good frame gives you a quality ride. Look for an aluminum alloy frame. A mountain bike needs a light frame and that is what you get in an aluminum alloy. Look for lighter aluminum alloys.

The components

A combination of quality components including the brakes, rims, hubs, axles, and spoke type matters. If you need a bike to explore beautiful places such as the Sri Lanka Mountains, the components have to be of good quality. Those that can match the trail that they will be taken through.

Sri Lanka offers lots of beautiful mountain trails for biking thus making it an amazing destination for your adventure travel. Once you have your good mountain bike with you, you will need to apply for Sri Lankan Visa to enjoy it all riding.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips: How To Select The Best Mountain Bike For Your Adventure Holidays”

  1. One of the most important detail I check on a bike is the frame. I need a lightweight and sturdy material for the frame. I remember going on mountain trecks when i was younger. My friends and I would spend the whole day just exploring. We even planned a a 250 Km route but it never happened.

    • check the alloy based ones. my father handed me over a racer… so when I was younger I used to go from town to town using that bicycle. He also went to work in Makati using this racer. From Rizal to Makati he used to ride a bike… a long route the C5 and Kalayaan routes were not built yet during that time.

      until now my nephew still use it, RUST FREE… so that’s antique already. maybe around 20+ years old.


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