5 Tips for Self Publishing Your First Ebook

When you have finished your ebook, it is OK to sit back and bask in the feeling of accomplishment for a while. But then you will have to start thinking of how you will get your ebook  in front of the public. I have published several ebooks and have a few tips to share with you.

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1: Research your options thoroughly. Are you going to go the DIY route, or pay someone to do it for you? I chose the former and researched all the POD (Print on Demand) publishers before settling on Lulu.com. But you can also look into Smashwords, Createspace and Kindle. Find the one with the right options to get your book out there. If you want leave it to someone else, I suggest you look at Booklocker.com.

2: Get a great cover. Since I bought my Kindle, I have come to realise how important covers are to a book’s sales. I am attracted to great covers, and while you can’t always judge a book by its cover, you can pretty much judge how much care has gone into the book by how much care went into the cover. If you are no designer or artist, get someone to do it for you. Your cover is the first thing buyers see, so it had better be good. Whatever you do, don’t go with the lame generic covers offered by most POD self publishers.

3: Don’t be a self published wallflower; promote, promote, promote! That doesn’t mean you have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, like public signings and interviews (writers are notoriously introverted anyway). But do make use of social networking, forums and other online outreaches to get your book noticed. I notice a spike in sales when I use Pinterest (or when someone pins my book cover to their board) or even a simple advertising service like freeadvertisingexchange.com. You can also do a bit of local canvassing – leave flyers on notice boards and at the library. Set up a free blog or website to promote the book with a free chapter, posts related to your subject and links to places where your books can be purchased.

4: Set up a Paypal account for some of your royalties, as self publishing sites like Lulu and Smashwords use this way of paying. Kindle pays by cheque. Read all of the information carefully at each site so you know if you have to supply forms for taxes.

5: Once you have your book out there, it is also OK to obsessively keep checking sales for a week or so – but after that, get started on your next books!

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Self Publishing Your First Ebook”

  1. I have been encourage by a good friend to have my own ebook published, but now that I have a new business, it will be hard to gather materials for that project.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, One of my goal in writing is to publish a book, I am almost done in gathering all my previous works where I wanted to compiled and shared it in one book. Hopefully I am able to finish everything before the end of this year.


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