5 Things You’ll Need For A Personal Injury Claim

Most people that go through life manage to avoid the stresses and strains of an appearance in a courtroom. However, you can be the cleanest cut person in town, and still end up in a legal fight, due to somebody else’s misdemeanour. So, if you ever need to put in a personal injury claim against that somebody else, it is best to be well prepared. Here are five things you will need.

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A lawyer

First thing’s first, you are likely to need a lawyer. You could represent yourself, but unless you have a clear-cut case you won’t get what you deserve – and you might not get anything at all. The cheapest way to go about it is to pay upfront. However, these costs can be crippling for most budgets. So, think about a no win, no fee lawyer who will take on your case. They will charge you a percentage of around 30% of your compensation if you win your case.


As we mentioned above, the law is an expensive service to access, and there are other costs to think about, too. You might have to pay medical fees for your injuries, and you could end up having to take a long time off work. There are several options for you. You could apply for a personal injury lawsuit cash advance, which will be deducted from your payout. If it’s possible, you could remortgage your home, or also borrow money from a relative. It all depends on how sure you are of your case but never forget that there are no guarantees.

Image Source: flickr.com
Image Source: flickr.com


It’s important to get your side of the story straight, with as much evidence as possible. Your lawyer will help you, of course, but if you can, you should try and gather what you can at the scene of the accident. Collect names and addresses of the other party and any witnesses. Some people may not be willing to give you information on the spot, but might be happy to leave contact details. One final thing about collecting evidence – the other party will be doing exactly the same thing. So, it’s important never to accept any responsibility for anything at the scene. You might be persuaded to say something you will later regret.

A good doctor

Your doctor will be consulted by the other party’s insurance for a full medical report. They are also likely to ask you to see their doctors for a further check up. So, it’s important to speak to your doctor about how to deal with this. Although the medical profession is supposed to act truthfully, you just can’t be sure. And, there have been many cases when a doctor’s report has slashed the payout that the injured party has received.


Finally, be prepared to wait around for a long time. Insurers tend to drag these things out as they seek out opportunities to cut their costs. Personal injury claims can be ongoing for months – and years, in some cases. It all depends on the complexity of the case. So, take your time and understand that it could be a long process. It will be frustrating at times, but hang in there and you will get there in the end.

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