5 Summer holiday activities for children

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Keeping the children entertained during the long, hot, summer afternoons can be quite a challenge. For some parents, summer camps provide a solution to this dilemma, but not everybody can afford or choose to spend hundreds of additional dollars just to keep the children occupied. Taking expensive trips which involves hotel rents and airfare is also not always an option.

Here are a few tips for providing summer activities for children that will keep them busy and happy:

Rediscover the magic:

This summer introduce your children to the magic of classic Hollywood cinema. For each week of the month, select a classic and ask your child to read the book first and then watch the adaptation together. Whether it is the delightful Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” the pretty “Mary Poppins,” or brave Jim in “Treasure Island” select books according to your child’s age and get them enchanted by these timeless characters. Older children might prefer “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “A Little Princess” and “The Secret Garden.” Chuck your household chores for an evening and watch the movies with your children for a perfect family evening. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Invite friends or cousins

Have kids of similar age groups get together for a while depending on your resources and temperament. Rent age-appropriate movies, take them for hikes or picnics, have ice cream or pool parties or let them get involved in social work or voluntary activities. This is especially helpful if your kid is an only child and had no siblings.

Invest in puzzle and activity books

Dot-to-dot books, word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, logic problems, mazes, fit-the-word and jigsaw puzzles are great mind boosters and enhance children’s mental capabilities. They are also an ideal way to while away the long summer afternoons when children cannot play outdoors. Be there to piece together a difficult part or help them in their deducing quest. Remember to select books that are age-appropriate. Too easy and your child will get bored quickly; too difficult and they’ll give up entirely.

Help your child start a collection

Discuss a theme or a topic and help your child become an expert on that specific subject. It could be aeroplanes, boats, birds, coins, dolls, space exploration or any other topic of your child’s interest. Help him collect pictures and information from old newspapers, magazines and the Internet and compile them in a scrap book or journal. By the end of summer vacations, you’ll be proud of your little resident expert.

Visit historical places together

Don’t leave it to the tourists to experience the wonderful sights and sounds of your city. This summer make a list of all the historical places and theme parks that are in the vicinity. Remember to include your children’s suggestions and preferences. Visit the museums, forts, beaches and wildlife parks. Keep a lookout for advertisements in local newspapers and take them to funfairs, puppet shows, art exhibitions, book fairs and any other activity that they cannot attend during school days.

Have fun!

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12 thoughts on “5 Summer holiday activities for children”

  1. Our family usually hosts pool parties for the children. we take turns hosting a party so that they have something to look forward to every week. Inflatable pools are easy to set up.

    • That’s a great idea but I always worry that kids might get too boisterous and get hurt or slip. It is a big responsibility taking care of 8-10 hyperactive, noisy kids at the same time:-)

      • I’m just lucky that there are several adults at a time. Plus, setting rules early on can help keep them safe.

  2. According to my son this is his most favorite time in spite the hot weather because summer is also a vacation time for him. Thanks for sharing those tips.

    • The kids’ school routine is very hectic so we all welcome the summer holidays so that the atmosphere in home is more relaxed and not focused on school activities all the time. Thanks for reading and liking my tips.

    • I fully agree. There is never a moment of peace or quiet. The house never seems tidy and I am always worrying about their “little experiments in the kitchen” but I guess once you sign up for motherhood, there is no escape.

  3. These are all excellent tips and they work, also and depending on where you live, a lot of them are also free. Ours is now grown, but we did do so many of these things with him and I think, we all benefited from them.

  4. Don’t forget the family bike ride or swimming at the local Y or pool. Help older children learn skills like painting, lawn mowing and hedge trimming. Go berry picking and bake something.


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