5 Strategies to Love the Job You Hate

Are you stuck in a workplace you just detest?  How about doing something on a daily basis that you dislike?  A lot of people find themselves in a job that they do not want.  However, because of the difficulty of finding an alternative employment, they stick with it.

One can either be miserable on a daily basis or find ways to make the situation better.  Here are some important tips and suggestions to turn a job you really hate into something you love – or at least something you can live with.

1. Find something you can learn

I believe that there is always something new to learn each day.  Since some jobs can be mundane or repetitive, you can add a little flavor to your work day by allotting a time to learn something new.

This can be learning something about the machine you use.  Another option is to learn more about the process you do and find ways to improve it.

Learning something new in the workplace allows you to see your job as an opportunity to enrich your knowledge will help you appreciate it more.

  • What part of your work requires a little more training or practice?
  • What about your company do you want to know more?
  • What other functions in the organization interests you?

2. Improve your skills in your chosen field

Companies hire employees mainly because they have the skill set to accomplish the tasks.  Even if the job is something you dislike, you can still learn to appreciate it by improving on what you already know.  More than just impressing your superiors, any improvements in your skills can help you become more productive.

  • What knowledge and skills do you think you need to improve on?
  • Are there other skills that you do not have that can help you become more productive?
  • What tools or technology do you require?  Do you have the knowhow to use them?

3. Help someone in your organization

An employee can gain better self-worth when they see themselves as an integral part of the group.  One good way to enjoy your time in the organization is the selfless act of helping others.  It may not be directly related to your work but lending a hand not only strengthens relationships but it can strengthen your own attitude and character.

  • What are your experiences that can be helpful to others?
  • Do you know anyone who may require your help?
  • What are you willing to do to help a fellow employee?

4. Create stronger friendships in your organization

It pays to have friends at work.  Since you work in the same environment, your friends at work can relate to what you are experiencing.  Moreover, friends offer insights that you may have overlooked.  All it takes is just a few minutes to nurture friendship at work.  It is time well-spent especially when you are stuck in a job that you hate.

  • How strong is your bond with other employees in the company?
  • How do you maintain close ties with other employees?
  • How do you build new friendships in your organization?

5. Find a constructive way to vent your emotions

Emotions, especially the negative ones need to be processed and released.  Otherwise, repressed feelings can easily boil over with devastating results.  Whether you release your negative vibes through a hobby, exercise or just talking about it can work wonders.  Just keep in mind that bottled up emotions can affect us negatively.

  • What activities help you relieve stresses from your job?
  • What is the best way for you to release your emotions?
  • Do you consciously talk about how you feel with someone else?

No one wants to be stuck in a job that they hate.  However, when you feel that there is no way out, then you have to consciously ensure you keep your sanity.  By following the tips about you give yourself the opportunity to appreciate your work and your place in the organization.  One may ask a lot from the company in return for loyalty or motivation.  However, it is imperative that we realize that the true motivation comes from inside us.  No matter what others may do for us, we can never truly become satisfied unless the motivation comes from with us.

There’s no guarantee that you will love your job after doing these steps.  But you get to explore numerous possibilities and not just live a miserable life.  So give yourself a chance to turn your gloomy existence into something more productive.

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28 thoughts on “5 Strategies to Love the Job You Hate”

  1. That’s true, the innovation should come from within a person.He must look at it positively because other people are not lucky as he is for having that job.

    • It is a blessing to have a job especially nowadays. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we have to find positive and productive ways to solve the predicament.

  2. It was a huge step for me to get out of the job that I really loved. It has sort of becoming a routine that getting things done the usual way was not as challenging anymore plus the fact that the people you work with seem to be either jealous of what you can accomplish without being told or simply there are people are just ungrateful with the things that you do for the business. I had not choice but to leave….to keep my sanity. I wanted to feel happier in the place where I work. So when I felt that instead of being excited to come to work every day, i felt like my life is being dragged down. I just had to get out of there.

  3. I was burned out. I hate my administrators because I didn’t find them professionals to deal with, they bunch of gays.. No offense meant to gays. but true they were bunch of gays, you know when they talk among each other, Then, I saw how no backbones my co workers yet, they were good in complaining and then ask me to talk on their behalf, but leave me in the battle ground if the situation did not conform with us. I can’t take it. so when I saw an opportunity to leave, I left. 15 years… I took an early retirement.

    I did my best to be excited to go to work. So I bought a scooter, and ride my motorbike from Rizal to Quezon City every day. it was exciting, because “I was cool” and the my students, call me, Miss Cool. but then it just lasted for two years, then after, around 5 road accident i met on the road and one was the critical one.

    Tried again, second try, I thought maybe I was just tired commuting that’s why I was a bit cranky when I get to work. (I was not cranky with my students.) I moved to a place near my workplace. Oh well it was nice, LIBERATIOOOOOOOOOOOON…. but it did not last too. hahaha

    so i retire .. that’s it. now I am happier.

    • Thank you for giving us a peak at your life. We all get some tragic career moves. But now, you’re happy and that is important. We learn from our past.

      • In this case, I have not learned from the past because it is not my fault I mean my mistake to have lousy bosses.

        and yes, I am happier now. Although the salary I am getting now is not even the half of what I was getting before.

        In fairness to my previous employment, I have learned so much like professionalism and producing quality work.

    • When you work from home you’re usually your own boss. So it’s quite hard to detest the boss if you are your own boss. LOL

  4. My favorite pastime is to find something in the company that can easily be changed to increase the company’s bottom line. Then send a note about it to the boss.

    • This is a very positive and productive way to help the company. when more employees get this habit, ideas will flow and the success of both individuals and the whole company can be expected.

  5. I tried these when I was in a job that I really hated. In the end the hatred for the job won and I quit. I did have something else lined up first though. It was so pleasing to hand over my letter to tell them I was leaving.

  6. We all do get affected by our emotions and it is not just a matter of finding a right way to vent it out, it is also by being professional in saying things that should be said.


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