5 Signs That You Need (and Want) to Travel

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” ~ Anonymous

Have you been bitten by the travel bug yet? Do you know what wanderlust means?

Wanderlust is not just a film. It is a word that means “a strong desire to travel”. Most of us are satisfied to have our feet planted firmly on the ground. Others, however, are itching to put on their Pegasus shoes and traverse the different paths around the world. Have you ever felt that itch? Have you ever felt the need to see beyond the borders of your little town? Have you ever felt as if all the stability and “ordinariness” of your life is boring you out? Maybe you’re suffering from wanderlust and you don’t even know it.

If so, here are five signs that you need to pack your bags and travel the world:

1. You’re listless and constantly “bored” even with a myriad of things to do.
You know you still have that report to finish. You got that piece to write, but even with these things that keep you busy, you don’t feel fulfilled. The paperwork keeps you busy, but it doesn’t make you happy anymore. You’re tired of the deadlines and desperately need something else to do.

2. You’re wondering how your passport or Visa would look like with stamps from other countries.
After getting a passport, you’ve looked at it every once in a while and though of the places you wanted to visit, while sighing on your sofa or stuck in your cubicle at work. If you’re carrying your passport at work, then, you really need to travel.

3. You’ve noticed yourself looking wistfully at pictures of other countries or staring and wondering at maps.
There’s no better telltale sign that you want to travel than looking longingly at pictures of the Himalayas or the Niagara Falls, or having the Great Wall of China pictures on your desktop. You might even have a map on a wall in your room.

4. You’ve looked at airline sites once in while during a work break.
Your hand probably hovered over the mouse, wishing you could book a flight, but thinking that you still had so many things to do, and the flight takes a lot of money.

5. You’ve looked and read at articles like this one that just SCREAMS at you to GO AND TRAVEL ALREADY!
Yes, a clear sign that you need to travel is that you want others to push you to pack your bags and see something different for once.

Traveling around the world is not the same as “taking a vacation” or “touring scenic spots”. Traveling is not looking for fancy hotels with complete facilities, or taking “selfies” every thirty seconds. Traveling is learning. It is immersing the self in a new culture and experiencing different customs and getting lost in a good way. You know that you really need to travel when you feel that your life is becoming stagnant, monotonous, and too boring for your own good. You know it’s time to jump on a magic carpet and see the world – to see that despite occupying a small space in the world, you are part of a larger and beautiful place that has still so many things to offer.

And the most telling sign that you need to travel? You read this post from start to finish.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ~ Ibn Battuta

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  1. I love to travel if I have given a chance, as much as possible I can go to new places at least once a year to unwind, relax, feel the life and feed my mind, eyes and heart. That is the effect of travelling to me.


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