5 pregnancy signs that you should know

Are you wondering if you have conceived? Here are 5 pregnancy signs that you should know:
1. Cravings
Some women are known to experience strange cravings when they become pregnant. This is also said to be related to hormonal changes. The craving can be so strong that some women go to any lengths to satisfy it.
2. Fatigue
Fatigue is often linked to conception. In most circumstances a woman begins feeling very tired one week after conception. This happens because of the high levels of a hormone known as progesterone; however there are other factors that may also contribute to the fatigue. These include low blood sugar, reduced blood pressure and high blood production.
3. Frequent urination
Many women start visiting the bathroom more often unlike in the past. This usually starts around the 6 or 7th week after conception. Health professionals say that the urge to urinate frequently is due to changes in hormonal levels. If you are not pregnant this could be due to diabetes, urinary tract infection or over reliance on diuretics.
Frequent urination is likely to continue and intensify as your pregnancy progresses. Your blood volume rises dramatically during pregnancy, this leads to extra fluid being processed and ultimately the extra fluid ends up in your bladder. As the baby grows larger, the urination problem is likely to get complex due to the pressure exerted by the baby on the bladder.
4. Abdominal bloating
Changes in hormone levels during the early days after conception may leave you feeling bloated. This is similar to the feeling some women experience just before the onset of their period. As a result your clothes may fit more snugly at the waistline even when the uterus is still small.
5. Missed periods
Missed periods are considered among the 5 pregnancy signs that you should know. Basically this is the symptom that prompts most women to undergo a pregnancy test. Though it is a common sign of pregnancy, not all missed periods are due to conception.

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