5 Car Upgrades You’ll Need For Long Haul Road Trips

There aren’t many better ways to see a country than by taking a car out on a long road trip. However, there is a lot of preparation involved if you want to make your travels a success. The threat of running out of money or breaking down in a remote area is a scary thought – wherever you are in the world. So, safety – and efficiency – are two things that should be on the top of your planning list. With this in mind, you might want to think about upgrading your vehicle before you set off. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you should be considering.

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Security system

Road trips aren’t just for driving, of course. And, when you get out of the car and sleep or go for a walk, it’s better to know your vehicle will be safe. The answer is to invest in a robust security system that will ward off potential thieves before they get close. When you don’t know the terrain, you don’t know the people, either.

Better GPS

Many of us have GPS on our smartphones and handheld devices these days. And, of course, many new vehicles come with a display dash with GPS included. But, you can get better out there on the open market. Top-of-the-range sat navs come with so many features that you will benefit from while on your road trip. Expect warning beeps when you are near speed cameras, traffic updates, and info on lots of points of interest. We can’t stress enough how handy these little gadgets can be – so take a look around and see what you can find.

Road Trips
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New tyres

Think about the terrain you will be travelling through, and it will give you an idea of the tyre upgrades you might need. Swap your standard wheels for these Michelin Latitude Cross, for example, and you could have all your bases covered. They will take you off the road, help with your fuel efficiency, and keep your ride nice and quiet, too.

Video screens

Going on a trip with young kids? Well, the bad news is they aren’t going to be as thrilled as you with some of the views. Driving with kids can be stressful at the best of times, and it can cause dangerous distractions. It’s important to have something for them to do. Playing games with them and reading books to them are your best bet, of course. But, when all else fails, nothing beats giving them their favourite movie to watch. Just don’t have those video screens on all the time!


Struggling for space? When you are spending long hours in a vehicle, you need as much legroom as possible. So, get yourself a sturdy roof box to store all your essentials. Of course, the extra weight is unavoidable, but you can help your fuel efficiency by swapping your roof box for a car back carrier. This will decrease the drag on your vehicle, and help it stop fighting against the wind.

Ready for your road trip? Good luck – and have fun!

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