5 Blood Clot Myths That Just Aren’t True

When it comes to our own personal health, there are certain things we attend to straightaway. Diet, exercise, cuts, scratches and cleanliness, to name a few. And then, there are the risks that we ignore, because we believe they aren’t a risk or we believe that it will never affect us.

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Blood clotting falls firmly into the latter category, and that’s a shame. On average, 274 people die from a blood clot every single day! It’s a staggering figure and is full proof that it’s a problem.

So, it’s time to demystify this potent health risk, and make you fully aware of the possible issues. You may believe you aren’t at risk of a blood clot, and this isn’t the only false notion surrounding them.


Myth 1: I’m young, so I’m not at risk!

Young man
Image source: brenkee @ Pixabay

Clotting doesn’t take into account your age, and it can strike at any point. Don’t get complacent if you’re young. Read into the risks and causes of the condition, and do everything in your power to combat them.


Myth 2: My doctor will fix me – I don’t have to lift a finger

Clots, more so than other illnesses, rely on personal motivation. You can’t cure the issue with a specific treatment or medicine. Your health will rest solely on your shoulders, and you must keep your diet and lifestyle in check.

Sure, there are treatment options like IVC filters that can help – but what happens if they fail to work correctly? These filters can break – there’s a reason why blood clot filter injury claims are on the rise. Similarly, your doctor may prescribe medication – but if you smoke, drink a lot and don’t exercise, it won’t help much.

In short, make sure you take it upon yourself to live healthily. Don’t put yourself at the whim of a medical professional.


Myth 3: I exercise a lot, so I’m healthy

Aerobic Exercise
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This myth extends to pretty much everything we believe about diet and lifestyle. Sure, fruit is good for you, but if you ate too much of it you can cause sugar-related problems with your teeth. Vegetables are healthy, but if you only lived on them, you probably won’t be!

The same is true of exercise. There are cases of people developing blood clots due to exercising too much. Yes you should workout and yes it’s good for you, but don’t work too hard.


Myth 4: I can’t stop them anyway, so why bother trying?

You shouldn’t resign yourself to defeat. Blood clots are hard to overcome – after all, how do you fight something that’s inside a vessel?! But they’re not impossible to beat, and a few simple changes can go a long way.

Experts would recommend drinking lots of water, and walking for a brief time every single day. Clotting and immobility are directly linked (more on that next). Small alterations to your lifestyle can, in fact, remove the chance of you sustaining a clot altogether.


Myth 5: Flying causes blood clots

Image source: Wikimedia

Some people think that it’s flying itself that causes blood clots, but it’s actually to do with the position of your legs. When you fly, your limbs are stationary for a long amount of time, which can cause blood to pool up.

This means that if you work in an office or at a computer, you’re just as likely to develop a clot. Take 5 minutes every hour to stand up and go for a stretch – you’ll thank yourself later.

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