3 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Demystify

People are easily drawn to weight loss fads.  However, some health practices are actually counterproductive.  In fact, many erroneous fat burning and weight loss practice have become engrained into people minds.  Regrettably, such mindsets will turn belly busting routines into health hazards.  Before you jump on the next dieting program, consider these important weight loss myths so you can choose the right exercise and belly fat burning programs for you.

Calories = enemy

I’ve seen diet plans that drastically reduce the calorie intake of the individual.  Sure, cutting on calories can reduce your weight and it can devoid your body of the needed energy.  Let’s demystify this weight loss myth further.  First, calorie is a unit of measure of energy.  Our bodies need fuel and this fuel comes in the form of calories.  Cutting down on your calorie intake will change the way your body functions down to the cellular level.  Second, every person has different activities and thus have different calorie requirements.  Using a calorie reduction for one person may be detrimental if you use the same.  Third, calorie is not the enemy.  Rather, it’s the general lifestyle that one has.  Poor health habits will undoubtedly affect one’s health.

Weight loss reminders:

  • Cutting down calorie intake should be done gradually and under the supervision of a professional
  • More than just cutting calorie, cut down on unhealthy foods in your diet

Just burn the fat

I came across friends whose weight loss program simply requires them to exercise and burn whatever they ate.  Although exercising is regularly is beneficial.  However, exercise is just one part of the weight loss plan.  An effective fat burning regimen includes both physical activity and proper diet.  Furthermore, it is essential to understand that there are numerous physical routines that one has to do.  To wit: strength training, flexibility and aerobic exercise.  Focusing on just one may not be enough.

Weight loss reminders:

  • Gradually increase weights or resistance
  • Observe proper body posture and body mechanics when doing physical routines
  • Remember to rest your body – this is the time when you actually build muscles

Detox routine is enough to do the trick

Another misconception that is prevalent is the idea that detox alone can give you the perfect body.  I value the importance of detoxifying the body.  But doing detox without other healthy activities is just incomplete.  Although detoxification diets and plans offer a way to rejuvenises the body, you still require strength training, endurance routines and flexibility exercises.

Weight loss reminders:

  • Use detox plans recommended by a professional
  • Consult a doctor or an expert before you start any detox program

To borrow the words of Jenny A, a fellow writer: one has to “focus on a healthier lifestyle“.  There are no quick fixes or magic pills to burn belly fat or lose weight.  It takes commitment and a balance of activities.  Healthy practices necessitate unraveling the weight loss myths to get rid of unwanted weight and fats.  This will allow you to choose the right set of activities so you can undergo a healthy transformation.

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30 thoughts on “3 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Demystify”

    • Thank you @deepavenkitesh:disqus This is why many jump from one diet or weight loss fad to another. Once people understand the myths, people will begin to live healthier lives.

  1. Amen to that, daily dose!

    I once involved myself in taking those pills just to lose the extra weight I gained during pregnancy. I did lose weight, but after several months, I sort of gained a few pounds. But I really noticed that after giving birth to my 4th son, it was a lot difficult to get back to my usual weight. Probably because of age and the activity that I used to have back then is far different from now.

    • As we grow older our bodies undergo changes – Slower metabolism. I have to do more just to maintain the weight I want. But what i’ve noticed is that good food coupled with the right exrecise works wonders.

  2. I say Yes! Yes to you @jpcmc:disqus There is no quick fixes in terms of losing weight. My friend used to drink diet pills and I encouraged her to walk with me. I was successful that time because I convinced her to walk about a kilometer from our office. And I hope that she is still walking now! I am regularly doing a brisk walk since October 2013! I make sure that I can brisk walk at least 15 to 30 minutes a day!

    And now I see a significant improvement in my health, and the bonus is – I loss weight, my belly – I am back again – the man of my youth… LOL. But yeah, I am serious!

    Losing weight is no difference with buildings muscles – it takes time and patience! It’s not overnight!

    You’ve share great tips here my friend! Thank you so much!

    • So you’re ready for the beach now right? LOL
      Keep up the walking routine. walking is an excellent workout as it is a low impact exercise. This ensures lower risks while exercising. Many think it is a waste of time, but when you’ve walk a kilometer you can feel it work.

  3. I agree to both of you (@jenny1015:disqus and @jpcmc:disqus), there are no easy and quick way to eradicate the excess fats, we must know our body needs and that is the only time we can loss weight. Actually JP I am waiting my body to be ready in beach but…. still in progress … lol

  4. I totally agree that doing detox without other healthy activities is incomplete. Many people think that losing weight starts and ends only with dieting. But this should not be so. Physical activity and dieting must go hand in hand in order to successfully get rid of stubborn fats.


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