3 Tips for Boosting Your Confidence and Increasing Your Opportunities

dream big and work hard

Out of all the different things that people regularly want out of life, a good range of opportunities to take advantage of, and a decent degree of self-confidence, are almost inevitably among the key considerations.

Too often in life, we can all end up getting into largely passive routines and convincing ourselves that things simply have to be the way they are.

Generally speaking, it’s a much better idea to be proactive and to take steps to alter your circumstances directly.

Here are a handful of tips that are likely to help you to boost your confidence and increase your opportunities at the same time.

Always have some side hustle that you are working on

Whether you are interested in potentially investigating something like equities trading, or whether you are keen on the idea of making your fortune as an artist, or as the owner of a certain type of business, it’s a very good idea to always have some side hustle going on at any given time.

If you’re anything like the vast majority of people, your “day job” probably isn’t the best possible scenario you can imagine. Maybe it’s “not bad,” maybe it’s even “good,” but is it your dream job?

When you always have some side hustle that you’re working on, you simultaneously give yourself the chance of a radical breakthrough and a new potential career in the making. Even if your side hustle doesn’t morph into a whole new career path for you, though, you can be sure that it will teach you things you hadn’t learned before, and will in turn create opportunities for you that you hadn’t had access to before.

And, of course, any time you do something that helps you to “grow” in some sense, your confidence will benefit substantially.

Insist on putting things to the test, rather than assuming that you are not up to the task

Everyone has certain perceptions about what they are capable of achieving – and very often these perceptions are essentially insecure assumptions, rather than anything more substantial.

Of course, if you’re not very confident – at least in a particular area of your life – and you let that lack of confidence determine which chances you’re willing to take, your opportunities will be seriously limited as a result.

Instead of assuming that you are not up to the task, insist on putting things to the test. Next time you have some potential goal that you would hypothetically like to pursue, strongly consider trying it out, and see what happens.

Focus on constantly building up your “skill stack”

The more skills you have across a variety of domains, the more opportunities you will be able to explore, and the likelier you are to have novel and useful insights as well.

At least, that’s what various highly successful individuals have argued.

If you’re constantly building up your “skill stack,” your confidence will naturally tend to rise as your expertise and understanding grow.

So, always look for opportunities to refine your skills, to learn new things, and to deepen your experience.

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