3 Reasons Why Many Bloggers Fail to Make Money Blogging

You can see thousands of blogs buried in the archives of the web because bloggers quit blogging after a few months in their journey to make money blogging. Some of them are desperate to make money online fast after reading promises from other bloggers who are misguiding beginners. But the truth is, blogging is quite tricky if you will put your hands on it.

Make Money Blogging is an Overnight Success

Many people believe that make money blogging is the answer to the recession. Yes and No. If you are desperate enough to make money blogging now, then you will end up nothing in your pocket from blogging. Make money blogging can generate you a passive income, but it would take months and years. Put them on the side first while you have your day job.

Make Money Blogging is Adsense

Some bloggers heard about Adsense success stories. Some of them fantasize about how making money from the comfort of their living room with Adsense. But no, Adsense could end up your blogging anytime of the day. Adsense banned accounts without warning and so if you rely on it – you will end up frustrated in front of your computer monitor. The truth is, make money blogging is not Adsense alone. If you can’t make it with this giant network, there are several smart Adsense alternatives with decent CPC rates. You can go with CPM ad networks too.

You Can Make More Money Blogging with Huge Traffic

Some bloggers believe that a huge amount of traffic literally equates to higher revenue. No. It’s not always the case. If you are serving CPC or CPM Ads, your CPC or CPM rates vary according to the quality of your traffic or keywords. Most CPM ad networks like Tribal Fusion pay higher CPM rates for traffic coming from the US, Canada and the UK.

What other reasons you have observed why many bloggers fail to thrive online and make money blogging?

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