3 Free Camera Apps for your Android Phone

Your cellphones are more than just tools for calling or sending SMS.  One phone feature that many look into is the camera.  Surely there are preinstalled applications to use your camera.  But if you want more, there are free camera applications for android that you can download.  I’m one of those who have tried many apps for android and here are some of my favorite camera apps for my smartphone:


When my android phone’s camera app went berserk, the first app I downloaded was Cymera.  This android app did not fail me.  In fact, it’s pretty much like my go to app when taking photos.  What’s great about this application is it’s 7 lens choices that you can use.  It’s like using a DSLR on your phone.  Moreover, you have lots of effects that can add a dash of creativity to your shots.  Of course this android camera app comes with the usual editing features like rotating, cropping, brightness level adjustments and the like.

Camera MX

This is another android app camera that I enjoy using.  What’s great about this app is that it can capture both still and video clips.  No wonder there are millions of download for this particular android app.  Moreover, you get to have over 20 photo effects that will make your shots truly unique.  In addition, Camera MX allows you to show your pictures in an animated slideshow to whatever tune your heart desires.  This makes it a wonderful app for your phone.

Gif Camera

This is free Android app is quite unique and fun to use.  Although it lacks some features of the apps mentioned above, it provides the user a trade-off.  With this one, you can create animated gifs that you can easily share with friends and family.

I know, having 3 camera apps in one phone seems too much.  But I can’t seem to decide which one to keep and which ones to delete.  Finding the right camera app for you requires knowing what you expect from the application.  So write down what you want and try searching the app store for the best android camera app for you.

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8 thoughts on “3 Free Camera Apps for your Android Phone”

  1. These are awesome apps, aside from call and text I must admit I used my mobile camera almost everyday and having perfect apps is truly needed… Lol…

    • Our cellphones have turned into handy cameras for both videos and still pix. it pays to have an app that you can really use – and have fun.

    • i started out with the pathetic app installed in my phone then i wanted more. Of course I want a free camera app that I can actually enjoy. These 3 are awesome.


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