3 best tips for good dental health

Good smile on the face makes every one happy. Due to bad teeth some people will hesitate to smile at others. Smile is the symbol of say hi to someone without saying. It is good to keep our teeth healthy and smile. Smile on the face will show us how healthy we are.  If you don’t have a good teeth don’t worry I am going to tell you  the best 3 tips to maintain a healthy teeth.

1. First Drink plenty of water and better to avoid to sip soda or cool drinks which carry the sugar and acid may harm your teeth.

2. Try to avoid sticky food like candy or chocolates, if so rinse mouth with plain water after eating candy or chocolates.

3. Third one is eat more vegetables, beans, peas fruits with high in proteins. Also good to have skinless poultry, fish and other legumes.

These are the simple tips if you maintain then you can be able to smile. You teeth will be safe. You can happily give a smile at other when you meet them.

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