12 Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Followers.The Art of Pinteresting (Part Two)

Increase your Pinterest followers

Some believe that image is everything. Well, I do! And that is why there has been an increase in the use of images in marketing. Pinterest is a leading social media tool, where many brands and individual marketers have been using it for promoting their products, services or even simply, their blogs.But in order for your effort to result in conversions, you need to have Pinterest followers.

In my previous post ” The Art of Pinteresing: Your Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Business Account“, I illustrated in details how to set your Pinterest business account.But an account with no followers would be like an isolated island. You need to connect your island with the world, so that people will get to know you.

Do not worry, I have tips for you to increase your Pinterest followers, and connect your island with the world!

How to increase your Pinterest followers.

1. Define your goals.

For promoting your brand through Pinterest, you should have a clear plan in mind. Name your boards according to these goals, one goal for each board, this will make it easier for you to decide what to pin, and where to pin it.

2. Give your boards clear names.

Pinterest board name

For example: naming a board “Tips and tricks” will not be a good idea, whereas “Makeup Tips” would sound better. Thus will make navigating through your boards easier and eventually result in  increasing your Pinterest followers.

Tip: If you have some pins that do not have any relation to your brand, collect these pins in a secret board, rather than creating a second Pinterest account, I have one named “Pin now read later” secret board for SEO related pins, well, it is not a secret board anymore!  However, this way I can keep my non-related pins somewhere nearby 🙂

3. Keep your boards unique.

Pinners like to get the first peek at the newest content before it spread all over Pinterest, so pin from other resources other than pinning only from Pinterest.

Tip: Some of the most common pins on Pinterest are infographics and instructographics. So try to make your own instructographics just like this one.

Increase Pinterest followers infographic

4. Only pin high quality images and videos.

High quality pins are most likely to be repinned.  When you pin law quality pins, it is most likely that Pinterest users will not follow your boards. Always keep in mind that the users of Pinterest are looking to share and repin creative ideas and advice.

In beauty, I noticed that my followers like instructographics, so I created this honey face mask instrucographic. It was repinned 139 times in just few days.

5. Create a variety of boards.

Pinterest users mostly tend to follow some boards, so break your goals into several boards each of which has a specific theme. You will be happy when you see that helps increasing your Pinterest followers.

Make sure that the board name shows what is inside, and choose a nice pin to show on the cover. Check my Pinterest boards here.

6. Comment and like pins.

Engagement in social media is very important for gaining others attention. Comment on others pins, and if they add value repin them. This way you increase the chance of adding new Pinterest followers to your list!

Tip: use the search tool to look for pins of your own niche, comment, like and repin if they add value. This will increase your chance of getting a new follower who will be interested in what you pin.

7. Follow others.

It is a good idea to follow others of same interest, you can learn from them, in addition to offer more attention to your boards.

8. Use pin description cleverly.

When writing pin description, make sure you write a good optimized description. Include keywords and hashtags. Although the # symbol is not used officially in Pinterest, yet. Using the hashtag makes it easier for other users to find your pins when they search for a certain keyword, giving you a better chance of increasing your Pinterest followers.

9. Tag users.

Similar to Facebook and other social Medias, you can tag users in comments if you follow at least one of their boards. When you type the @ sign, potential matches for those you follow will load and you will be able to choose a name from a drop down list. Once you tag a user you grap their attention, hopefully attracting a new Pinterest follower.

10. Invite your friends to join Pinterest.

A good option for attracting new Pinterest followers is by inviting your friends through email, Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo. People who know you are more likely to follow you.

11. ­­­Use “Follow Me” button and “Pin it” button.

You can easily embed these buttons in your blog or website using social media plugins, or by grasping them from Pinterest. These two buttons work as reminders to the reader that you have a Pinterest account. Using the “Follow me “button, the reader can easily find your Pinterest profile page, and if like it, will follow you! These buttons are available on Pinterest’s goodies page.

12. Consistency.

Consistent use of Pinterest is vital in increasing the number of your followers. Try to assign time everyday for pinning, commenting and liking other pins. Always try to provide fresh and up-to-date pins.

Following these tips will result in increasing your Pinterest followers. More will check your boards, and if they like them, will follow you, too. Just keep on Pinning!

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Have other tips to add? I will be happy if you leave a comment!

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  2. Hi Dima, thank you for writing another awesome and informative post on how we can use Pinterest to promote our content to quality and targeted audience on that huge social network! I have just set up my Pinterest account following your last post, and I now understand how each of my board works when I decide to pin a helpful image, infographics or instructographics! You are giving more value to COD Ma’am 🙂

  3. Amazing! Thanks a lot for giving such a nice tips for getting pinterest followers. You have mentioned in such a nice way that how we can increase our traffic.

  4. Thanks for the article. Recently I decided to create the account on Pinterest and your tips helped me with increasing the followers.


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