11 Oct: Coming out day, stand up against homopobhia

October 11. International Coming out Day. 


I’ve to admit that: I love the National Coming Out Day. I love this date (11, October), because every LGBT* person took an important lesson. Many associations and many institutions will make some important events to celebrate the happiness of being ourselves. Totally, with no pain inside or less rights with decision made by homopobhic, racist and people full of hate and discrimination.

There are many reasons to take part of this day actively:

  • Homopobhia is equal as racism. It’s wrong, is a crime, is painful, and we have to fight it!
  • Coming out is one of the best thing we can do. It reveals to ourselves and to others who we are, what we’re fighting for and our feelings. It’s not about getting viewed or getting popular, it’s about being fearless of bullying and stand up for those people who, at this moment, are not ready to stand up for themselves.
  • It’s not a “gay thing”. Coming out is part of everyone. Every single person in the world has a secret, something that makes him sad and lonely. Yeah, it’s for sure a moment for the LGBT* community, but everyone can take part of this and be yourself equally, fully and without discrimination or pregiudice.
  • Sometimes, making a day recognizable by an event made a day recognizable for some person. We can really help someone to come out of the closet. I’ve made it, we can all made it. We can make a difference, just with a single sentence “I think all human have to be equal rights. No matter where they come from, who they love or what’s the colour of their skin. It’s all about human being, not about being part of those social categories”.

For who don’t believe in what I’ve said up there… maybe you’ll like to know:

  • Homopobhia isn’t a disease. It’s well-knowed by every single scientific association on the Planet. It’s just a normal sexual-orientation (even if it’s not just about sex. We are human, we love each other, sex is by all the less important thing).
  • Family with homosexuals parents are just as normal as the hetero’s ones. It’s said by the most important psychiatric association in the USA and by local congrations of specialized people. You can for sure search that on the net.
  • Gay teenagers, often, have to battle for themselves because, in their school, stereotipes and discrimination are active and painful. They have to be bullied and, sometimes, they feel like their life is not important and they jump off. We HAVE to stop this. It’s not a “we can do something”, it’s not a possibility, we have to stand up for every person. We have to spread love, not hate.


If you’re not conviced yet, please search for information, and be active in this wonderful day!

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  1. It’s great that you decided to share this importat matter here on d2d, I agree that homophobia is just as bad as racism.

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