10 Tips for Planning your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a special moment that is the ultimate dream vacation for many people. Below are tips

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for how the newlyweds should plan for a luxurious honeymoon that will result to a superb experience.

When should you start your honeymoon?

• Planning ahead allows you to get the necessary documents one will require and budget accordingly.

This also helps you to book a room you are certain of after doing research on the best offers from

various restaurants.

Be original

• Your friend’s best honeymoon destination is probably not the best for you. It is advisable to be unique

and make the perfection destination that suits your interests. An outdoors person would prefer a

restaurant that has spectacular outside views and attractions that will keep you entertained. You can

take good photos and share confidently with friends in social media like Facebook or Instagram, make

your friends envious too.

Have an idea of your Geography

• An exotic location such as Fiji and Seychelles will be the best decision if you do not mind long flights

and have adequate time to travel. Some locations are much distanced and require over a day traveling

time, and this needs good time adjustment.

When do you want to leave?

• It is advisable to leave the following day after your wedding if possible. Most flights are usually during

the morning hours so you should be well prepared by packing clothes in advance to avoid


Know your budget

• Financial capabilities give a clear guide to the most favorable place that is compatible with the amount

of money you have saved for the honeymoon. A person who is used to traveling is advantaged because

she can save her mileage and utilize the accumulated mile points. Airline mileage awards are available

by using many credit cards that may be of assistance.

What kind of resort are you looking for?

• It could be a top rated luxury hotel or boutique hotel in a particular place, and you can research this on

the internet. After selecting that resort you would love to spend your honeymoon at, it allows you to

calculate how much money is required for your stay. Many resorts offer complete all-inclusive packages

and others go the extra mile and provide excursions.

What type of honeymoon are you looking for?

• Discussing with your partner about the most important thing you would want to experience in your

honeymoon. You can both choose to write separately down notes and compare them later then

compromise and come up with a fair decision. The newlyweds would want to have an experience

specifically of touring, adventure, relaxation or a taste of everything.

Does the hotel offer anything special?

• Many resorts offer overwhelming honeymoon packages because they also value this special moment

in one’s life. This can be done by purchasing honeymoon packages that are complementary when

choosing a certain room. They include having a romantic dinner on the beach, breakfast in bed and body


What kind of deposit do you need?

• Knowing what kind of honeymoon you would want and having time to budget for your expenses, it

shows the amount you need to deposit.

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  1. Hello there Annabel,
    this is really great. you re right that the honeymoon is a special moment. It is a time for the couple to just hang out as newly weds. My wife and I love to snorkel so it is just logical that our honeymoon was in a beach. The services of the hotel were phenomenal and the dive sites were great.

  2. whooo hooot… now I am ready for my honeymoon. Do I need a husband to go to the honeymoon. Just kidding Annabel.. “wink


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