10 Secret Tricks to Bike to Work Without Sweating


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Biking to work has lots of benefits. However, there are lots of people who are discouraged to do it. And the primary reason – sweating. Well, it’s impossible to not break a sweat when biking to work. But there are ways to minimize it. Here’s how.


Drink Your Coffee at the Office

Coffee is a thermogenic agent. It increases your body temperature and it hastens your metabolism. That’s why fitness experts recommend drinking it before working out so you could burn more calories. So instead of having your morning jolt at home, do it when you reach the office.

Ride in a Relaxed Position

If you don’t want to sweat, say goodbye to road bikes. You need to exert more effort to ride a road bike because you need to bend over. And of course, more effort means more sweat. So to avoid sweating, you need to ride in a relaxed position. Hybrids and cruisers are good options because they allow you to sit in an upright position. But, the best option is the folding bike. It’s lightweight, comfortable and space-saving. In fact, you can even bring it inside your office.

catlike helmet
catlike helmet

Wear a Well-ventilated Helmet

Ventilation plays a big role when avoiding sweating. So you need to wear a well-ventilated helmet. Most cheap helmets aren’t safe and well-ventilated so you need to spend more. But don’t worry, it’s a good investment. An example of a well-ventilated helmet is the Catlike. Catlike helmets cost around $99. Also, never ride your bike to work without a helmet. It’s for your own safety. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be thanking your helmet for saving your life.


Ride Smart

Cycling is fun. But if you want to avoid sweat, fight the temptation to go full speed when you’re on your way to work. Keep in mind that you’re going to the office. You’re not competing in the Tour de France. So save your energy and ride in a moderate speed. Also, watch out for the hills. Hill climbing requires more effort. And of course, more effort means more sweat. But don’t fret because here’s the no-sweat way of climbing hills:

  • When you’re going uphill, lower your gear and coast at the beginning of the slope.
  • As soon as your bike slowed down to a climbing speed, pedal until you reach the top.
  • And when you’re on top, just coast on your way down to save energy.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Although it’s fashionable to ride your bike in your office attire, you can’t do that if you’re avoiding sweat. Just wear something light and comfortable. A comfy white t-shirt is a good option because it keeps your body cool. But if you hate wearing white t-shirt, you can wear workout clothes. They can also keep your body cool and they draw the sweat away from your body.

Travel Light

When riding a bike to work, don’t carry a lot of weight. Only bring the necessary things. Also if you don’t want to sweat, use panniers to carry your stuff. Backpack and messenger bags are good insulators. In other words they’ll just make you sweat even more.

Drink Cool Water

Drinking cool water can help you avoid sweat. It regulates your body temperature. It also keeps you hydrated. So don’t hesitate to take your water break when you’re riding your bike to work.

Check The Weather

You can’t bike to work without sweating if it’s hot outside. As obvious as it is, humid weather can make you sweat a lot. But if you’re craving to ride your bike, don’t worry because there’s a solution. Your other option is to do Bimodal Commuting. If you’re using a folding bike, you can take the train and bring your bike with you. And once you get out of the train, ride your bike on your way to the office.

Slow Down at the End

Slow down when you’re near your workplace. When your ride is about to end, that’s when you’ll sweat the most. So take it slow and rest for a little bit before you enter the office.

Freshen Up at the Office

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid sweating. So if you want to feel squeaky clean and revitalized before you start working, you need to freshen up first. Here’s what you should bring:

  • Towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Face Towel
  • Deodorant
  • Facial Wash
  • Soap or Shower Gel
  • Wet Wipes

If you’re lucky to have a shower at the office, use it to freshen up. But if you don’t have one, your wet wipes and face towel will get the job done.

Now that you know how to avoid sweat, you have no more excuses. Cycling is fun and it can make you live longer. So what are you waiting for? Pedal your way to work now!


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