How to Make Money as a College Student from Home Online for Free

When I was in college, my aunt introduced me to opportunities which allow high school and college students to make money from home. Is it a good feeling to help your parents? If you can make money online while studying – you can help your parents cut off daily expenses. I will tell you the steps that I took that helped me make money as a college student from home.

  1. I look for legit sites (I listen to suggestions)
  2. I read reviews about them
  3. I read their FAQs and TOS
  4. I read how they will pay me (you must consider their payment method)
  5. I sign up or apply (in case of Academia Research)
  6. I read tips on how to get started

College students can make money online from home using several legit programs. I will share to you some selected freelance sites that I already tried. They are paying and you should try one of them in order to make extra money for your daily allowance.



There are several ways to make money, but the 3 sites that I listed above are legit and pay you good amount of cash if you are willing to work after finishing your assignments at your study room. If you have a computer or laptop and reliable internet connection, you can immediately start working on one of these sites.

What is

I have written several posts about already. allowed me to cash out more than $260 and it was not a full time job. You will be paid via PayPal or Fiverr Revenue Card. You only need to market all the stuff that you love to do for $5 and start accepting gigs. is one of the best micro jobs sites today.

How to make money as a college student from home online for free on Academia?

Academia Research is a freelance writing site. This is the one I am talking about – my aunt introduced Academia Research last 2007 when I asked her how can I make extra money for my tuition and allowance. I had no regrets working for Academia. College students like you can be productive on Academia because subjects like macro and micro economics, English and literature and similar topics are still fresh on your mind. Don’t worry, you can always find the web helpful to research about the subjects you are writing for. I have no access on a public library but I am still writing for Academia and .edu and .gov websites are helpful sources whenever an essay needs trustworthy references.

What is Bubblews? How can a college student make money on Bubblews?

It’s a new platform for blogging – yet it’s more than blogging. You need to write short original articles and share it to your friends. Bubblews is one of the fastest ways to make money online and it is one of the best communities that shares revenue to its members and you are allowed to speak your world. You can write anything you want. You are paid in the basis of pageviews, shares, likes, dislikes and comments. Bubblews has real time report for your earning so I am sure you will be amazed how your revenue will grow. You can redeem your earnings if you already earned $25 which you can make within few days. A friend of mine who is active on Bubblews can cash out every day 2 to 3 days.

Is it a good feeling to help your parents? If you can make money online while studying – you can help your parents cut off daily expenses.

I hope it is clear to you by now that college students, even high school students, can make use of your computer and internet connection and start making money online. It might be hard at first, but if you are determined to help you parents – you can make a good amount of money every month using any of the 3 recommended sites. When you love writing – you can choose between Academia Research and Bubblews. When you want to perform other tasks you love – join, you can make money by simply doing voice over!

If you have questions and some additional legit sites college students can make money online – please comment below.

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