Do I need to Write Longer Articles to Rank on Search Engines?

Who can answer this important question? As a blogger myself, I am desperate to be on top, but how? Can I be on top by writing 1500 word article? Can I be on top by just writing short article but straight to the point? I read lots of articles every day, especially for, my favorite social blogging network that pays writer. Honestly, I love reading shorter articles than longer ones (not less than 400 characters though). Why? I am on a hurry. While writing this one, I need to prepare myself for my day job. So do writing longer articles help readers in a hurry? No. I may skip it. I Continue Reading

Local Search: Why You Have to Have It for Better SEO

The pizza shop down the street. The bicycle shop that you always walk by. That cute little park that you drive by every morning. What do they all have in common? They’re local. Your customers like to see and do things that are local. They also like to buy from people who are local. Call it a “locovore” fad, but it’s what’s making money right now. For years, Google, and many other search engines, have been shifting focus to local search, dropping keyword research tools' effectiveness, and trying to get businesses to let Google take care of the ranking. In a way, we're going back to the way Continue Reading

Tips to Boost Web Traffic to Your Site

Creating a blog is not a difficult task, but the success of the blog in terms of web traffic is the tricky and demanding part. Even if you are confident and proud of your content you cannot do without driving customers to your website especially if you own an e-commerce website. And that is the reason you need to use effective strategies to increase the web traffic to your blog in order to achieve a wide range of objectives varying from just connecting and networking to marketing and selling your product or services, establishing yourself as a leader or building brand awareness. You need to be Continue Reading

12 Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Followers.The Art of Pinteresting (Part Two)

Some believe that image is everything. Well, I do! And that is why there has been an increase in the use of images in marketing. Pinterest is a leading social media tool, where many brands and individual marketers have been using it for promoting their products, services or even simply, their blogs.But in order for your effort to result in conversions, you need to have Pinterest followers. In my previous post " The Art of Pinteresing: Your Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Business Account", I illustrated in details how to set your Pinterest business account.But an account with no followers would Continue Reading