How I Make 10 Sales from a Single Buyer on Fiverr

As a Fiverr seller myself – I always learn how to increase my sales on Fiverr to make more money online.  If you are not a top-rated seller, you can read my tips (Top-rated sellers know the game very well)! Write a magnetic Gig title. Thanks to copyblogger. Write a precise Gig description and supply the right tags. Ask your buyer to contact you first. Answer to buyer’s inquiry politely. Present live samples of your work. Offer extra services for thumbs up and positive feedback. Turn on Public Portfolio. Okay, let me elaborate it a little more: Take a look at my title: I will fix Continue Reading

Make Money on Fiverr – The Best Micro Job Site Ever

Do you wonder how can you make money online? Are you afraid you can’t find any job suited for your skills? You don’t have to – Fiverr is the perfect place to make extra money online. How to make money on Fiverr? I tried several make money online programs before – but most of them requires in demand skills like copywriting and programming. Not all of us can write for demand studios or other known legit freelance writing sites like Academia-Research & Quality Gal. Not all of us know to how build websites. Not all of us can write scripts or even basic HTML. Do you know why I share this to Continue Reading

Tips on How to Make Money by Creating Your First Gig on Fiverr

You already know that Fiverr is legit. They will process your payment request through PayPal after you have clicked and confirmed the message they sent to your PayPal email address. The processing is fast, don’t worry, they won’t take your hard earned money – but PayPal will charge you a little amount so it’s better to withdraw one at a time. But before that, let’s talk about how to create your very first Gig (service) at Fiverr. How to make you first Fiverr Gig?I won’t be teaching you how to create a new Gig literally, but I will guide you how to make it “right” instead in order that you can Continue Reading

How to Make Money Online with Fiverr?

This is a good question. What is Fiverr? How can you make money online with Fiverr by selling your best gigs? This is a micro jobs site that is 100% free to join; you can immediately create your first Gig and sell it by promoting to your friends via social networks. What is a Gig? It is a service you are willing to do for your clients for $5 each. How much you can earn at Fiverr?I would say – huge. Although the fix price for every Gig is $5, however, when you will receive hundreds of orders daily, you can earn huge revenue that can be withdrawn using your valid PayPal account after a 14-day Continue Reading