Your Loyalty Means So Much

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It’s been months since I last posted on Day2DayTips. A lot of changes, a lot of new faces. But I am happy that Prime never gave up on this. Feeling a bit guilty for not being here, I felt I had to be “whole” again before sharing something with you. It has never been easy to keep up with a site. And several of you may have been a member of other writing sites which has disappointed you. And the team, always seeking to provide the best for the members, instead of making us look bad and be thought of as scammers, ought to take another step, hoping that there would be a huge improvement. You Continue Reading

Why I need Avast and Malwarebytes both?

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I’ve been doing a case study. It’s an unplanned case study, though. I am testing if Avast can work alone – giving full protection to my PC. However, Avast fails. I love Avast, it is just frustrating to realize that my beloved antivirus lets some viruses in!  The realization leads me to searching another software that will help Avast protect my computer from viruses, adware, malware and other unwanted programs. I have found out that Malwarebytes is a perfect companion of Avast. You know, in terms of security, there’s no All-In-One solution. I am not an expert, but if you will search Continue Reading

The Best Free Antivirus that People Use in 2015!

best free antivirus 2015

If there’s a free software to protect our PC, then most of us would go for it, I assumed. However, since our main goal is to protect our PC, then we should be careful in choosing the right antivirus software to use. I have a windows 8 PC right now, and I am taking good care of it. I have been reading reviews and forums to make sure that I have chosen the right software that won’t slow down my computer. However, people have different experiences using one, two or more of these free AV software. The only way we can test the usefulness of these antivirus software is to use them one at a time. Continue Reading

The Cheapest Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth and 24/7 Support for $1 a Month!


Are you looking for a cheap web hosting provider that offers you unlimited bandwidth and support for a price of $1.00? Believe me, at first, I thought it was a big joke! However, this is the cheapest web hosting provider indeed! Enough for the thrill, I am talking about!  I write this to help you choose the best web host that fits your budget. I have hosted two sites with Hostgator. For 2 years, I have experienced Hostgator’s awesome service! However, for a beginner, it’s a bit expensive. I have tried to look for ways to cut off my expenses related to hosting. For the Continue Reading